Tuesday, June 21

playing favorites

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on the horizon (next month, squee!) I thought I'd pull out my favorites from last year. I use this sale as an opportunity to get the bare bones fall/winter closet squared away. A few key pieces and that's all you need.
You've seen me wear this top and skirt a lot in the past year. They cost per wear (CPW) has got to be low by now! These shoes ended up being one of my favorite buys as well.
Does anyone out there plan on shopping the sale this year? What are you looking for? My method is usually to make an appointment, get a few key pieces and then wait for the sale to start and go in-store or online for a few things to flesh the season's wardrobe out a bit.
Last NAS I went into the sale with nothing in my closet, due to weight loss, but this year I can build on the items I picked up last year. Yay!
I realize my blog isn't as exciting or gripping, but I hope you can see the benefit of CPW and mapping out your closet ahead of time. You see a lot of the same things popping up here day after day, but it's what works and it's really what I wear. It's practical, versatile, and doable at any budget.
I get really frustrated with a lot of shoppers who buy a label, completely disregarding the investment value of what they are buying. Clothes do not last forever  - I know that. Styles and personal preferences change - boy do I know that! But with budgets tighter than ever, it's important to start shopping smarter. If this was the only skirt I had, I could easily wear it five days a week with the other "staples" I have in my closet right now. When I pick up something new, I try to figure out multiple ways to wear it before I even leave the fitting room.
Blouse: BCBG Max Azria (also worn this way), Skirt: Halogen (from the archives), Shoes: MK Greenwich Bootie, Watch: MK, Ring: Nordstrom


  1. In the past I never went shopping with a list or a plan and would just buy whatever caught my eye. This resulted in a very large wardrobe, that was very non functional. Mixing and matching outfits was almost impossible. I continue to streamline, purge and rebuild my wardrobe and your outfit posts help me out a lot. It's very encouraging to want to have less items and own more of the "right" items to have a smaller, more functional wardrobe. I especially like when I can see the same item remixed in a few different outfits. It really gets my creative juices going.

    For NAS this year, I have a small list, with a few specific items I would like to find: a dark wash denim skirt with no whiskering or front pockets, a pair of tall knee high black leather boots for tucking with skinnies, a black sweater to layer with blazers, and a sheath dress. I am leaving room for some new items that are not on my list but they will really have to make my heart sing to come home with me.

    I never thought about working with a personal shopper, I figure how do they know my current wardrobe and what would work with it? Did this person come to your house first? Also, is there a cost to work with them? I'd be curious on a post about the entire personal shopper experience.

  2. I love workng with a shopper! She doesn't know my closet ahead of time but in the past I've brought things with me (especially shoes, or "basics", as well as "orphans") and now that she knows me better she is pretty aware of what I have.
    She also will say "this will look great with this or this if you have it", and so on. Try it!

  3. lawdiva10:50 AM

    Your blog is great!! I wouldn't change a thing. I check it almost every day. I love your clothes, your style, and your outlook.

  4. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I love your blog. You give us practical hints. I enjoy reading it daily. I am looking forward to the sale. This is true, one year I spent so much my credit card called to see if it was really me. I love this sale, I always buy shoes. This year I need a good black dress too. Keep up the good work!