Thursday, June 30

pink! blue! PINK! BLUEEE!

As a kid I'd always voted for pink, but now, I'm not so sure! I love wearing both shades. I don't think I could pick. Could you?
I'm challenging myself to wear these skinnies often, but to change it up enough that it doesn't look like I'm wearing them often. I can just hear people say, "Yep, there goes that girl with the blue pants". O:)
I love my blue pants. I like the best with neutrals because that's the most "me", but I'm doing my best to push the envelope a little and keep things interesting and fresh.
Colorblocking is very of the moment right now, but it's not for everyone. Have you tried it? Have any interesting color combinations worked for you lately?
Pants: JBrand (archives), Blouse: Ann Taylor (archives), Shoes: Franco Sarto, Bag: Linea Pelle, Watch: MK, Ring: Nordstrom (gift from Mama), Bangles: BR


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I'm colorblocking today but it's pretty mild -- dark blue slacks, and a bright lime green top. I think your blue and pink combo looks great, especially with those shoes!

  2. Love this colour combination! I stalk you on YLF and when I saw your post about suggestions for your cobalt skinnies, I was going to suggest this pink button-down.
    I'd also like to see you try them with your white/beige Ann Taylor crochet sweater and your black One A crochet poncho (....I mean sweater)

  3. FUN!! what great color combo...