Tuesday, June 14

meet linea, or, how to choose your handbag

I've been browsing for a summer-ish bag since about January and it's taken me this long to find one. I'm very happy with it. I love the size and shape, and the unexpected (for me and my style) edgy vibe.
Picking a bag is almost as involved as picking your life partner. It's quite a commitment and one I don't take lightly.
I start stalking bags a season a head of time (because we know in the fashion world, everything is released a season or two early for this purpose) and as my seasonal closet starts taking shape, I get a better idea of what I'm looking for...what will complete me if you will.
I find at the most two - maybe three - bags to consider. Never at once, though. I never buy a bag at first sight.
I look at it, feel it, carry it around, and put it down. I go home and think about it for a few weeks. If I can't get the bag off of my mind, I go back and check it out again. And if it is as good as I remembered I put it on My List and wait some more.
This bag was brought to my attention about a month ago, just after I'd decided not to get the last bag that interested me. I thought about this one and over time realized it was the perfect fit for me.
My bags have been huge in the past, and while I love oversized, it is nice to have something more manageable for now. It does have a shoulder strap but it only works cross-body. I love white, but thought a cream would be a fun twist.
I've had a big old bruise on one of my thighs from some physical therapy massage on my IT band. Those of you who have experienced that know exactly what I'm talking about. So I left the usual weekend shorts on the shelf and opted for my cool linen pants.
This is also why I'm wearing a lot of separates lately. PT has required me to change and I usually do quickly in small bathrooms. Plus my clothes get stuffed into a small bag and I'd rather not mess up any dresses. I actually miss dresses!!
Anyway, do you have your summer bag yet? What are your requirements? I usually stick to one bag per season. Do you, or do you switch it out regularly?
Pants and tank: JCrew (see here), Sandals: Unisa, Watch: MK, Bag: Linea Pelle


  1. Your closeup looks like Bryan? Something about the eyes and smile... You guys have been married too long. :-)

  2. Sarah, the new bag suits you PERFECTLY!! Congratulations. I have been carrying a big clutch lately. I wouldn't think it would be suitable for everyday, but I have been enjoying it very much. I switch bags like I change clothes. :D Have I mentioned that I love you in ORANGE?! xx

  3. That is a GREAT summer bag. I may have to copy you on that one...but I probably won't, because I have a similar process to finding new bags for the season. I have to go through so much to find the right one! A white bag has been on my list for summer for two years now but I haven't found the right one.

    But I love the perforated leather! Sigh. I'm torn.

  4. Haha, Brenda. :)
    Kristen, give cream a try. I love white, in fact after this post I started thinking about whether or not I made the right choice (I know I did, but you know how it is). White is so great against color, but I wear so many neutrals. What sealed the deal for me was holding this back up to my cobalt skinnies. ;)
    Thanks, Heather! It's a good thing I wear orange well, because it would be better than wearing orange not well. Hook 'em!

  5. I don't wear orange well, but still...HOOK 'EM. ;D

  6. I am a big fan of white (or cream, just a light color) bag for summer. I add one new bag each year so right now I have 3 white handbags for summer. Each one is a different size and purpose. I have a white crossbody bag for shopping and weekends. A white shoulder bag that's rather small for going out and vacations. And a new white shoulderbag that can also be worn crossbody for everyday use. I know white gets dirty and I never found a way to keep my jeans from rubbing off on the back of the bags, but I enjoy the freshness of a white bag. To pick a new bag, I think of what use I have for it (work, weekends etc) and which color will work best. I actually purchased and returned 3 other handbags before finding my "gem" for this year. I've never been able to settle on one size handbag so I have a selection of sizes. I tend to rotate 4-5 handbags within a season. For summer this year it's 3 white one's, a yellow one, and a black bag. For winter it's usually a black bag, a brown bag, and one or two colored bags (red is always fun). I haven't branched out to printed handbags yet. Great new bag, I really like the detailing and texture it has.

  7. After much searching for an equivalent, I broke down and ordered the same bag. Looks like we will be fashion twins again! :)

  8. Let me know how you like it! :)