Monday, June 27

it's all in the details

When it's this hot (over 100 consistently) it just isn't worth trying to over complicate things. Is there anything more basic (and cool) than a white tank?
Sometimes the beauty of a look is its simplicity.
It seems cruel to actually have to get dressed in real clothes when it's so hot, but it can be done! Something this simple and cool can go from office to running errands easily. Over the summer I keep a cropped black jacket in my office to wear during work hours. It helps keep the look appropriate but also defends me against the blasting a/c.
I've noticed I'm wearing this skirt less and less, so I decided to wear it as simply as possible to let it do the talking for the outfit. I generally wear it dressier, so it's fun to wear it more casually from time to time.
Skirt: Halogen (Nordstrom, from the archives), Tank: Target, Necklaces: Charlotte Russe + JCrew, Shoes: Ann Klein


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I love the way you you have any tips? I don't know what to buy as far as necklaces/bracelets go...I normally wear gold jewellry (my regular stuff - wedding bands, etc.) and I don't like to leave off my regular stuff - and sometimes the costume jewellry doesn't match -- so then I don't know what to do - or how to decide of it matches or not...

  2. Sometimes not matching is the best plan! I usually look at places like JCrew online/catalog for inspiration, because that's the type of accessorizing that appeals to me.
    I like F21 for chains and pendants, so I typically just pick a few things that appeal to me and then try to combine them and see what look they create.

  3. This look is fabulous! I love the purple skirt and the simplicity of the white tank. Your necklaces really top it off.

  4. i like how you layered necklaces and the outfit looks so effortless - you are right, the outfits talks style :)

    xo Nav

  5. Great collection of necklaces. The rough look of them against the prim cut of the pencil skirt is terrific.

  6. Neat layered necklace look here. They tie in the shoes nicely and really jazz up a otherwise basic outfit.

  7. Thanks! I think it was about 103 degrees that day. :(