Wednesday, June 1

embracing volume

For years I avoided wearing clothing with volume. I was so bent on making myself look smaller, that I failed to realize how one can use volume to your advantage. Volume allows you to accentuate your narrowest part with a waist cinching belt., but even without a belt, volume doesn't add size when done correctly.
The biggest tip for wearing volume is to pair it with something slim and fitted. A-line skirts with fitted tops or jackets, or voluminous tops with slim pants, shorts, or skirts. This also keeps the look from becoming dowdy.
I also prefer to keep things simple when playing with differing shapes like this. Nothing is more simple than basic black and white. To keep a stark, high contrast black and white look from going to chef, I paired the look with my great little art deco inspired heels. Everyone could use a little more yellow in their life.  :)
Top: Ann Taylor, Belt: Ann Taylor, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Earrings: Express, Wallet/Clutch: LAMB
PS: Today is the six month anniversary since we lost my Grandpa...who we lovingly called Poppy for as long as I can remember. He was a great man who loved his family, and we still miss him very much. Six months ago was a rough patch for us with the two losses, but I consider myself very fortunate to love and have been loved by my Grandpa and my little Jasper.
A year before my Poppy passed away the entire family took a cruise to Alaska. I'm so thankful that we could all go and spend that time together. I will never forget that week and the wonderful memories I have with Poppy from birth to that great trip.


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I love this! May have to copy : ) Sorry about your grandfather, he looks like fun, but that is wonderful that you have so many good memories.

  2. Love this look!!! i think the shoes definatly give it polish!!!! Sorry about your Poppy,but how great that you had him be a big part of your life, that alone is a blessing!! keep your chin up!!! :)

  3. lawdiva9:07 AM

    I LOVE your shoes! They are gorgeous.

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather.

  4. How wonderful that your family had a trip to remember. Memories are a great gift left from loved one's. Nice belted look, I'm still working on this look with cardigans, I haven't ventured out into doing so on shirts yet.