Thursday, May 5


I'm wittling away at my Spring List slowly but surely (although the idea isn't necessarily to buy everything on the list, it's to keep me focused *winkwink*). I've been wanting a silk campshirt in a vibrant cream shade, and awhile back AT had everything marked down plus I had some coupons.
AT and Express are the best for sending out coupons, by the way. AT and the LOFT frequently offer discounts if you give up your email address. I joke that I will sell myself for 30% off. :)
I rarely wear statement colors, so to stay true to my style, I keep the rest of my look simple and minimalistic. Black or white grounds vibrant hues, and simple low contrast prints (shoes) and basic accessories (simple watch) complete it nicely.
Pleated cropped pants can be tricky, but I like how they seem more fresh for warmer seasons. To elongate the cropped leg, opt for a shoe similar to your skin tone. My skin is obviously not snake, but from a distance they blend more than a black shoe would. I prefer tucking tops into pleated bottoms because layering over pleats creats an unflattering bulge at the tummy. You can find similar pants with a flat front if that is the look you are going for.
It's easy to take an item like this and think "I could never wear that!" (believe me, I did), but I think if you would dismiss your (probably distorted?) mental view of yourself,  you could be pleasantly surprised. If one pair doesn't work, don't give up - try another.
So go try something "new" and report back. :)
Pants: Gap, Top: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Nine West: Ring: Nordstrom (gift from my mom), Watch: Michael Kors


  1. I just got something new I'm going to try...a long flowy multi-colored dress. It is SO not me, but I hope it's cute! :)

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Love the color!

  3. This looks gorgeous Sarah!

  4. Great color for you, it really lights up your face. I can't wait to see this remixed with blues in a future outfit. And a lot of whites too. Sometimes the favorite item in a wardrobe was the one that was least expected or typical to purchase.