Wednesday, May 25

survival mode

I live in Texas. It's hot here. It can also be very humid, as it has been lately.
I am not native here, in fact I hail from the great Pacific Northwest...near Seattle.
I had already started working in an office by the time I experienced my first Texas summer, and I thought I was going to die. Nothing is less appealing to me than sweating in my nice things, so that first year I stuck with cotton trousers and layered solid color tees with solid color tanks and called it good. I also realized quite quickly how much my boss adores his a/c, so I had to be prepared for about a 40 degree change in temps from inside to out.
I feel like I've perfected my summer workwear wardrobe over the past few years to where I can finally look sophisticated, yet stay cool and functional.
I love dresses and skirts, but a great option (if your dress code allows) is city shorts or bermudas or whatever you call them. These can go dowdy easily, so a trick for me is to pair them with heels and simpler tops with subtle feminine detailing, along with an accessory or two for that "pop" factor. I plan to delve into this more, so stay tuned. :)
To save gas, I almost always run my errands after work, so I do have to plan ahead for that as well. My typical work + errand running summer outfit is something similar to this, along with a simple jacket or cardigan for the a/c.
These dressy sandals fit and feel like a dream, yet look professional (and stylish) enough to make me happy. The best of all worlds!
Over to you have to plan in advance (and with this much detail) for your day and what you wear?
Top: Banana Republic, Shorts: Target, Shoes: DKNYC, Necklace: Swapped, Watch: gifted


  1. I'm from Washington State, too (grew up in Longview, went to school in Bellingham). I so didn't appreciate all the good hair days I had in the PNW! Now I live in Cincinnati and pull my hair back all summer. What's your hair strategy for the humid season?

  2. Great outfit! I like how you brought black into the top of the outfit with the necklace. That helps to prevent the cut-in-half, floating torso look! Great job!

  3. Thanks! Small world, isn't it Kasmira?!
    People always tell me "...but you should be USED to all the humidity with all that rain", but we sure didn't have it like this, did we.
    My strategy has been to either pull it back like this or in a ponytail. I also have started the wash at night, let dry overnight, and play with natural textures for the next day.
    Dry shampoo has also been my bestie.

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Everytime I see you in those shoes I wish I had a pair : ) I never replaced my bermudas after my weight loss, but perhaps I need to pick up a pair. What I have to plan for is outerwear! If I wear a blazer to work, do I have a coat that will fit over it? Let's hope that ends soon, send us some heat back here!

  5. I always plan for a low heel and jeans or trousers on days after work that I go food shopping. It's always so cold in the supermarket. On days I know I will do little walking at work, I wear my highest heels. Bermuda shorts are one of my favorite gems for hot weather work wear. I get the exposed leg of a skirt, without worrying about any accidental exposures. As long as I am wearing pumps, the shorts are not a cotton material (more of a suit material), and the top is not a t-shirt, I've never had a problem in the office with them. And what's extra nice, they are just as easy to dress down for weekends!