Tuesday, May 17


I've wanted to try this color pairing ever since I got this blouse several months ago. I have to say, I like it even more in real life. My head comes up with some great looks and combinations, but you never really know how it'll translate in person. :) One thing I say to people when I am brainstorming potential outfits is "well, my HEAD likes it..." I think this is an early indication of crazy. O:)

It has been nearly six months (in 12 days) since our little guy Jasper passed away unexpectedly. It still aches very much today and actually, this is the first time I've gone in the backyard where he was laid to rest since it happened. His mama (my Molly girl) came to us as a pregnant stray and we welcomed her and her four babies into our home (two of which are now with my in laws). Molly had the babies outside and moved them to this spot under our back stairs when they were just hours old. We were able to find them and move them inside to live happily ever after. My husband said if Molly thought this was a safe place for her babies, than it was the perfect place for Jasper to rest.
Jasper was a great little guy. He was always talking to himself and loved harassing the girls. I miss his voice, his crossed eyes, and his rumbling purr at 2am. Although I still feel awful that he had to leave us so soon, I'm thankful he had a great life with me for even just two years.
Now that I'm able to go to his burial spot, I want to start thinking of plans for a little garden or something.
This is about the third time I've worn my J Brand "take 2" jeans, and I've got to say I love them more and more each time I wear them. Yay! So worth the time and effort to get them perfectly tailored.
What one item do you have that makes you happy to wear? Has anything been worth a lot of effort to get perfect?
Top: Ann Taylor, Jeans: JBrand Lovestory, Shoes: Coach, Watch: Fossil, Necklace: Target


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    This is a beautiful color combo and those jeans are just perfect! I have a pair of COH jeans that I couldn't get tailored to fit just right, but fortunately Nordstrom is going to replace them with the smaller size. Gotta love that store. I have another copycat outfit of yours on today so check out my blog later : ) So sorry about Jasper. We lost our cat Max unexpectedly in the fall and it still makes me sad to think about too. I also try to just be happy that we could give him a good life for the time he was with us. After he died, I told my fiance that it would take 2 new kittens to make me feel any better so now we are the crazy cat people with 3 cats in our little condo : ) Oh,and I just got back from my bachelorette party and one of my best friends, who just moved to Austin, said she is in love with your blog now and doesn't live too far from you! I will laugh if she sees you out sometime! : )

  2. That's awesome...Austin is a great place to live. :)
    I'm sorry about your kitty. I still had/have four that kinda pulled me through. One is his Mama and one is his sister. >v<

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I like this combination of colors: soft and punchy at the same time. I need to take a closer look at accessories from Target...

    I have a pair of black trousers from Lane Bryant's blue line - the silhouette that flatters tall girls with tiny waists and big bottoms. I hemmed them to a perfect length, and they are still a foundation stone in my closet four years later. The only reason I will willingly let these trousers go is if/when I shrink out of them.

    Last autumn, my sweet kitty of 17 1/2 years died. I miss her so much - she really was like my child. She is laid to rest in my parents' meadow on Whidbey Island where she spent many days frolicking in the field and hunting for rabbits.

  4. Hi Sarah, I wanted you to know that I got your comments before blogger deleted my post. I'd love to meet you for lunch when we come to Austin. I'm glad you liked the post! :) Jennifer

    P.S. Oh, I just saw Rebekah commented too! I think she lives in Austin, so we'll have a little bloggers lunch.

  5. I'm happiest wearing my cowboy boots. I like the mix of rugged among a sea of pumps and sandals right now. Plus they are super comfy and my feet are often cold! Items to get right, bottoms that are PPL (when it applies) and fit in the waist. I've learned to bite the bullet and get items tailored instead of driving myself nuts trying to find a pair that fit "just so" without alteration. These tweaks for new items, recently paid off with Bermuda shorts. After getting the pockets sewn shut, the cuff taken up one cuff, and the waist gap taken in, the shorts now fit like a dream and get lots of wear. In the past, I've gone entire summer's without shorts if I could not find a proper fitting pair.

  6. Love the two colors together; fresh and unexpected, but not over the top.