Monday, May 23

night to day

There is nothing more appropriate for this heat and humidity than a simple, flowy dress for a night out. Simple sandals, and elegant accessories make it as easy as it is chic.
I'm not a huge night owl, so rather than spend a lot on party dresses, I typically haunt sale racks or the juniors department for something age appropriate, classy, yet party perfect. I like how a simple dress like this can be taken from super casual to glam depending on what I pair with it.
Shortly after we took these photos we had tornado warnings, eery green skies, and buckets of rain. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to armor my hair against the humidity, but my fine-yet naturally curly-hair just doesn't hold up against it for anything.
I'm learning that heat doesn't really bother me so much, it's the humidity. Sigh.
Dress: mimi chica (Nordstrom), Sandals: Unisa, Bangles: JCrew and Banana Republic
To take it a step further, I think it's great to try to wear party or what I call "vacation" dresses for the work day. Anything we can do to extend our wardrobe and keep the closet purposeful and concise, right? Add a simple blazer, neutral shoes, a statement watch, and voila.
So over to do you extend the life of your specialty items? Party dresses? Vacation wear?
Blazer: Express, Shoes: B. Makowsky, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Ok, I want this dress for my honeymoon! Only size left is a small, which I'm thinking won't fit in Juniors - do mine letting me know what size yours is since conveniently we are the same? : ) Oh, and I have stick straight hair and always wish it were naturally curly and hate any humidity (or rain here) because it makes my curls go kuput. I guess the grass is always greener! I love your natural curls!

  2. It's a small! :) It also comes in a print, too. I think it's so lovely, and perfect for a honeymoon!

  3. You wear it all so well, humidity or no humidity!!

  4. I would do the same thing you did to extend the life of a vacation dress, it's amazing how a blazer and heels instantly "dress up" a casual piece. I am in love with the hemline on this dress, the curve is super fab. Another favorite of mine, is taking Bermuda shorts with a crease in them with sandals for the weekends and pumps for the week.

  5. I'm with you on shopping the juniors for versatile pieces, this dress is great and that color is amazing on you! Love the added blazer, so chic!

  6. Oh I LOVE this! That dress is simply stunning on you, the shape and color are perfect. I love it with the blazer on top! You look fantastic!!!

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