Tuesday, May 31

a most amazing transformation

Normally I share my weekend looks on the first workday of the week, but I don't have one to show you.
We spent our three-day weekend doing a little remodeling in our kitchen. I've been wanting to paint our cabinets for some time because that orangey brassy "oak" color clashed with the rest of our interior.
And you know how it goes, as soon as you start fixing things up, you notice more and more that needs to be done.
Here, Bryan is showing his labors. We used Behr's "Dark Cavern" for the bottom cabinets, and finished it off with a coat of polyurethane. This stuff is intense to work with, and it still isn't dry after nearly three days.
That straw is Abigayle's. She really likes to play with them. I think they scoot far on the hard floor or something.
Anyway, I love the results, but we certainly didn't expect this job to be as labor intensive as it was.
Now on to the top cabinets. We used Behr's Polar Bear (which is also the wall color in our living area, sans two walls in the kitchen). It's a great clean white color.
I worked too!! :)
I commented to Bryan that it's a shame we didn't go anywhere or do anything over the weekend so I could have something to post today, but he said, you're wearing something now! :) When I do work around the house, I like to be comfy, so I'm wearing Nike knit shorts and a tee...I'd never wear these as "street clothes" but I don't feel super shlumpy in them. My toe polish is OPI Fiercly Fiona. ;)
PS: I'm not pregnant. That belly is just evidence of way too much fast food since I couldn't cook in the kitchen. I'm paying for it now!
Now it's time to dry, dry, dry. My kitchen has never been so messy, and I hope it never is again. You know how it is, you get excited to start a project and don't realize how it turns your house upside down till you're halfway through.
But I'm so happy with the results and can't wait to get it all clean and shiny. Once the cabinets are completely dry, we'll apply our new hardware...these little glass knobs with silver "buttons". Aren't they cute?!
So how about you? How did you spend your (hopefully) three day weekend?
I did hit up the Nordstrom sale and consigned some things at Buffalo Exchange...I stumbled across a great find while there that I'll share with you soon. :)


  1. Love the new colors for the kitchen cabinets, it's sharp and modern. I like the idea to do a two tone look with the lighter top and darker bottom one's, a great idea. I'm interested in doing this myself and I am very non-handy, do you just put the paint on with two coats or was there some prep work for the cabinets first (sanding down or something)? This may save me having to put in whole new cabinets, which seems a tad wasteful since I cannot do any structural remodeling during an installation (ie larger cabinets or something, it would literally be a swap of what is there to new colored one's). Painting would be much cheaper! You and hubby look so cute painting. And so clean, I don't see any paint on either of you!

  2. Thanks Lisa! It was fairly easy, and certainly a cleaner job than painting walls. After that job I'm usually covered in paint!
    We sanded down all the cabinets and doors (after removing the doors and drawers first). Then we applied a semi gloss paint (on the top, did a matte finish below with poly before I realized semi-gloss was the best option). It took three coats for each color (we bought the paint/primer 2 in 1 stuff), but only the first coat was tedious. We used a 4" roller for most of it, and only used the brush for the molding at the top and the beveling in the doors. It's cheaper and more environmentally aware to repurpose what you already have. Sanders are fairly inexpensive...I think ours was under $30 at Home Depot?

  3. Love the updates! Your cabinets look amazing and the color on the bottom cabinets is perfect! My husband & I just remodeled a house and I agree with ya, these kind of projects always are more labor intensive than you intend!

  4. Rachel McMahan12:18 PM

    The new paint looks wonderful! I love painting and seeing someone else doing it makes me itch to find something to paint. But I guess I'm not in a condition to do that at the moment! :-)

    The hardware looks really fun. Isn't it amazing how much it costs though? I was shopping for a lightswitch the other day and was blown away at how much the little things cost. Now I know why some people move into the homes they're building without completing the hardware, switchplates and trim. $$$

    You look very cute in your painting outfit and shame on anyone that thinks you look pregnant!

    We spent the weekend going to a wedding, doing landscaping in our yard and working on house plans. It was fun!

  5. The hardware wasn't too pricey (Target) but we were looking at doorknobs at Home Depot (ours are all brass, ew) and faucets and wowzers! THAT is some expensive stuff!

  6. How fun! And how exhausting! I'm sure it'll feel great to have it all done once the knobs are on and everything.

    And even in shorts and a tee you look adorable!!!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. What a great idea! I have never thought of painting the bottom cabinets a dark colour but it looks really great! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for your information Sarah! I've been trying to get my husband to agree to give our kitchen a facelift for a few years and the price was pushing him off to the idea. Showing him your photos and explaing what we would have to do to paint may have swung the tide in my favor, yay!

  9. If it helps sway him even further, the total cost was just under $200 - which included paint, primer, poly, painting supplies, and hardware. It really looks so much better!