Wednesday, May 11

little sister

I'm a big fan of gleaning inspiration wherever you can. It helps extend the life of your wardrobe, and keeps things interesting and fresh. I get inspired from magazines, catalogs, retail sites, other bloggers, and even the occasional "celebrity".
I think trying to copy someone or something is where things get tricky...and even frustrating. We will never look like someone else (darn?) and clothes will look different on us than they do on someone else.
I used to get stuck in that trap of copying, and it was so frustrating because I'd feel inferior and often times ugly. So now that I understand my style and what I feel best in, I can take inspiration and mold it to fit ME.
There has been a lot of chatter surrounding Kate's younger sister, Pippa. I don't keep up with celebrity fashion a ton, but I did see this photo and found it inspiring.
I pretty much want that jacket. A lot.
However, I don't have it. But I do have my own cobalt jacket, white jeans, cream print shoes, and layering top.
I don't have white skinnies (although I want some, darnit) so I used some white bootcuts a friend gave to me (Hey, Amy!) and instead of ballet flats (I'm going to offend a lot of people here, but I really do not care for ballet flats) I used my snakeskin print low wedge sandals. I used a black tank instead of cream to ground the look more. I do like the cream though, perhaps if I had skinnies and wore heels. Hmmm. O:)
So no, it isn't identical, but it is a look inspired by Pippa.
Do you get frustrated trying to copy looks? Do you feel comfortable finding inspiration and incorporating it with your style and current wardrobe?
This jacket was fished out of my donate bag, to be honest. It is really cute, but not as functional for me. My office is always frigid, so I need long sleeves even in the summer. Then outside work, it's generally too warm to wear a jacket period.
Jeans: (swapped) Loft, Tank: Mossimo for Target, Jacket: Club Monaco, Sandals: Unisa, Cuff: JCrew, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. I think you could wear the ruffled cream tank from your white out outfit in this outfit to pick up the cream Pippa had in her's. The blue is a gorgeous color on you. It is true, inspiration is always helpful when in a rut but direct copying rarely works for me. I confess, after seeing the silk olive jacket from your spring shopping at Nordie's I tried is on in the store. LOVE it on you, did not on myself. Even though the fit was fine and the material great, the color did not work for me.

  2. Good point, Lisa. I bet you could find an olive jacket in a more pleasing cut!
    I didn't use the cream blouse because I feel like I need a strong v shape with that blouse (like the vest) because it is a slightly higher crew neckline.

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    ooh, I think I like your interpretation better!

    It's such a great color combo, but I like the more modern shape of your jacket, and it doesn't make you look so much like a boat captain as hers does.

    Plus, I never thought skinnies were all that flattering to begin with (unless you're wearing awesome statement shoes).

    I totally get you about the impractical sleeve length though. My office is freezing too, and I'm always struggling to find appropriately summery things to wear when I know I'll be fighting the AC all day.

  4. For what it's worth, I like your version better. That blue is gorgeous on you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. You look fantastic! It doesn't matter if you look like your inspiration as long as you like the end result. Inspiration is just a jumping off point. I use inspiration outfits all the time; sometimes just for color combos our for the feel of an outfit...

  6. I definitely like your outfit better! I don't like skinny pants or ballet flats, so your outfit is much more along the lines of something I'd wear! I also think your black shirt looks better than her light colored yeah...I pretty much like everything about yours better. :) And like Melissa said, that blue looks really beautiful on you!

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I have been obsessed with copying this outfit too!! I can't find a royal blue blazer anywhere though!! I am so jealous : ) Those jeans look great on you, glad they found a good home! : )

  8. Anonymous12:11 PM

    This looks fantastic on you. I love how you used Pipa's look as -- like Jenava said -- a jumping off point and really made it your own.
    The proportions are great, and the long layering tank in blank was a good choice for balance.
    You've made me think maybe I should go back through my "Donate" bags to see I might find such a treasure! :)

  9. I agree - I like your jacket better. This outfit is great on you! I love finding inspiration in other bloggers and trying to copy a look with items I already own. My mind isn't always creative so when I can copy something - that equals success to me! :)

  10. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I think the black shirt and bracelet add a certain edge to the outfit.Pippa's outfit is cute but your color scheme is more eye catching. I want your bracelet, so cute.

  11. I like yours much better than Pippa's. I am obsessed with anything and everything in that particular shade of blue right now so needless to say I adore that jacket! It looks great with the white jeans and wedges. (I like a flat but to me, wedges > flats anyday! I'm afraid I'd offend if I expressed my dislike of ANY flat sandal. I hate them. So much.)