Friday, May 6

leopards have their spots, i have spots AND jeans

I am so happy to have my jeans! I don't "splurge" on a lot of things. I am one of those that used to get buyers' remorse if I spent x amount or more on one item. But ever since my understanding of cost per wear and the value of wardrobe real estate, I don't let "splurges" bother me.
For me, it is better to pay x4 for a pair of jeans that are perfect in fit, style, and tailored to perfection  than to own four pair that cost x that all meet one, maybe two, of my criteria. Those four pair probably equal the cost of the one good pair (if not more) and take up four times the amount of room in my not large closet.
Plus, that's three more pair to keep clean, fold, put away, etc.
A lot of time is spent caring for what we have, so the less we have, the more time we'll save taking care of it.
Tomorrow I am competing in a Throwdown for a Cure. One of the members of my Crossfit was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, so women from Crossfits around the area are participating in a throwdown to raise money for cancer research. It's going to be fun, so if you're in the area, stop by to cheer us on! I'll see if I can't twist my husband's arm and get him to take pictures. O:)
Jeans: J Brand Lovestory, Top, vest, and belt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Love this! I'm normally not a vest person, but after seeing this look you've put together I'm inspired to try it, too.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    What's a "throw down"??
    And just an FYI - I'm mentioning you & your blog on my blog tomorrow...

  3. Some interesting points you raised about why less is more. Often one hears about CPW and getting the most bang for your buck. But you also reminded of other key reasons why less is more: less to wash, less to mend, less to store. These reasons are huge! And it is very true, as one purchases items that are really truly loved, you do want to wear them more, which helps with a less is more philosophy. Thanks for making me think!