Monday, May 16

the irony is

This top is one of my newest editions, and I can't say enough good things about it. I love its versatility (I've worn it before here, and want to try it casually soon. If it's in your budget and something that's on your revolving list, definitely check it out. The draping is really pretty.
I get so many compliments on these shoes. I found them on a clearance rack at TJMaxx (or Marshalls, they're all the same to me). They are similar to the Luxe, but I'm not 100% sure. Don't quote me. :)
I'm very grateful for my husband taking these photos for me. He's been taking them the past several days because I had an accident of sorts.
The irony is, I had just deadlifted 30 reps at 135lbs and was fine. I go to put a 45lb plate away and lift it wrong and of course I damaged my back. Immediately I knew I had messed it up. :( I'm currently on a waiting list with my chiropractor, otherwise I can't be seen till Wednesday. I spent the weekend on the heating pad and did some yoga and rolled my back out on the foam roller. It still really hurts if I move too quickly, and my left side is a good inch higher than my right side.
Tomorrow I'm going in to meet with an orthopedic doctor about a long term knee problem.
It's starting, isn't it.
Thankfully I can still get dressed, but lugging the tripod around has been a bit awkward. So thank you, Bryan!!
Top: Halogen (Nordstrom), Pants: Gap, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Tank: Old Navy, Cuff: Target, Watch: Michael Kors, Lipstick: MAC "Morange"


  1. Bummer about the back, doesn't it figure, injury after working out. Ah well, your body decided it needed a break for a little while. Hope you feel better soon. Love this top, thanks for the link I have to check it out at my local store. It looks really versatile.

  2. Great outfit! LOVE the lipstick!

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Nice outfit & you're the 4th one w/ back issues right now -- I'm the third one. Ugh.

  4. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I've just found your blog and am enjoying your photos. I just moved to Austin from Seattle, and I'm learning via your closet how to dress for the heat and humidity.

    I also lift weights. I haven't had any issues with wrenching my back, but my right knee and right shoulder blade are always game for going out!

  5. Ginny3:24 PM

    love the shirt, the draping is very flattering!! sorry to hear about your back!! hang in there!!

  6. Welcome to Austin, Rebekah! I moved here from the Seattle area several years ago, and I'm still adjusting. ;)
    And just to be clear, the back injury is entirely my fault. I was being lazy and didn't address the plate properly. :(

  7. I use to (yes, use to) do a lot of what is called Group Power. Weightlifting classes for women...but since stopping I've lost the nagging neck pain I once had! I do free weights, machines and take lots of spin classes. So, be careful with the weights!

    BTW, your new top is cute and very would be so cute matched up w/ something YELLOW (a skirt perhaps?)

  8. That sounds SO painful! I'm so sorry that you hurt your back. I hope you're able to see your chiro and get the pain eased soon.

    On the bright side, you look adorable! Add me to the list of people LOVING those heels!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. Love this look! The combo of the ankle pant and striped tee with a nude wedge is so sophisticated and I really love the bright lip. Sorry about your back. Take care of yourself!