Monday, May 2


There is a lot of 70s inspired fashion floating around these days. I don't generally keep up with the trends, but since I've always loved wide leg and even flare jeans, it's not hard for me to get inspired by the 70s. :)
These are The Jeans, by the way. They are a slightly darker wash (one benefit to the alterations mishap is that I could change my mind and go darker) than before, but I'm happy with the final result.
You all know I am interested in increasing my collection of "completer pieces" especially for the spring and summer (when my collection of fab wool jackets just won't work), and I think this is a great option. It is a sweater, but it's anything but warm. The coverage is there, and it has a unique fun factor to it.
I am not a fan of ponchos of any sort. I am making myself believe that since this has actual sleeves and armholes, it isn't a poncho. Right? :)
So over to are you (or are you?) incorporating 70s inspired fashion into your personal style? Is it a hit? a miss?
Jeans: JBrand Lovestory, Tank: Mossimo (Target), Sweater: One A (Nordstrom), Watch: Michael Kors, Sandals: Coach


  1. I really like this outfit. I think 70s style is one of my favorites on myself and other people.

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    While I'm not into '70s clothes (grew up in the '70s!), I love this outfit! I like the colours too. LOVE a great pair of jeans! Your blog has really inspired me to dress better - I'm working on in! (Bought myself 2 prs. of cute shoes on the weekend - 1 new, 1 pair second-hand. I'm excited!)

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I actually don't like it as much as other things I have seen on your page. I wrote last week, I will ask again. How does one get a personal shopper? Also tell us how you lost the weight?

  4. I think you have a winner! The key seems to be interpreting the 70s instead of taking it literally and you do that with ease. Your hair looks great pulled back that way -- also a 70s touch. Love!

  5. Thank you all!
    Anonymous, you usually get the service of a personal shopper if you hold a store credit card. I only use one shopper at Nordstrom and shop everywhere else on my own.
    My weight loss "journey" (I hate that word) is a process over several years. I didn't take pills or have surgery. It was all done the old fashioned way over a period of time. I do want to blog more about this in detail but I hope you can understand that it is a very personal (and long) story, and I want to make sure I give it my best.

  6. i also hate ponchos, but this . . . this is something i could/would wear! since i generally need to be more casual in my wardrobe than you are (although i love love love your more sophisticated style), i could totally wear something like this.

  7. I had a poncho in the 70's and I LOVED it. However, I'll pass this time around! I do love the lady-like classic dressing of the seventies. It has been my favorite look even though it was out of style and couldn't be found in the shops.

    You look adorable though!

  8. Oh my word. I love that sweater/poncho! I might have to get one of those!

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Sarah I love this outfit,actually I followed the link to Nordstrom and order the top in white.

  10. I really like this sweater/poncho, it is fun and flowy, but does not cover the arms and restrict movements. Great find! I added a pair of flare jeans instead of my usual boot cuts, some peasant tops, and long pendant necklaces this year to incorporate 70s flair into my looks.