Thursday, April 28


We really do have some serious wind here. We had two days of tornado warnings, too. Central Texas is desperate for some rain. We've had thunder, lightning, and strong winds, but not a single drop of rain. There are rumors of rain over the weekend. Fingers are crossed!
I'm probably late to the party, but I love bright lipstick now. It really adds a lot to a look. If you haven't tried it yet, definitely get some. The first time I tried it, I actually had it applied for me at Sephora. I was wearing a black North Face jacket and jeans, and afterwards we went to the bookstore. I got a lot of stares. You probably don't see a lot of people dressed that way in a bookstore with firey red lips. ;)
Needless to say, it has grown on me, and I find myself reaching for one of my two bright orange shades more often than not.
Because of my weight loss, a lot of my items are newish, but I do have some oldies. I picked up this belt over a year ago because I thought it looked cool. It does, but it only looked cool in my closet because up till now I've never worn it. I didn't know how. The only stock photos I saw of it had it with a beige and white striped bathing suite and a beige sweater. I don't typically wear sweaters OR belts with my swimsuit. ;) But I thought it went nicely with this top and skirt combination, and removed the need for other statement accessories.
Top: Halogen, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Cami: Old Navy, Belt: Via Spiga, Shoes: DKNYC, Lipstick MAC "Morange"


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    LOL - wearing belts or sweaters w/ your bathing suit!! (I don't either!) Looks nice - I just can't get into lipstick though. I don't even wear lip gloss - just chapstick if my lips are dry. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Belt with a bathing suit? I'll pass. This belt is too pretty to go unworn. How about remixing with the dress from "weekend edition" or the blue BF cardi and white shirt from "ad out" too?

  3. I love the belt. You've given me the idea to combine a belt and top that I wouldn't otherwise have put together. Thanks!