Wednesday, April 20


All good things must come to an end. My camera died this morning. So while I scramble around for other options, here are a few things I've purchased fairly recently and recommend you go buy if they fit your needs and/or lifestyle.
Like right now. O:)
First up, a friend was looking for a utility vest that didn't break the bank, and I had previously stumbled across this one.
I sent the link to her and thought that was that. I certainly wasn't looking for a utility vest.
And then one night during the wee hours when I couldn't sleep, I started formulating outfits that I already had that would be enhanced by a utility vest.
I love the idea of completer pieces, but in the summer, laying is nearly impossible. So pieces like this are great for this purpose.
Who? French Connection for Sears
What? Utility Vest
Wear? Try it over a simple black dress (as I'm doing today, in fact), black skinny pants or jeans, voluminous white top (as pictured), floral or printed skirt and white tank, etc.
If you have time, check out the rest of the line. The vest is the only thing I've tried, but I was impressed with the quality for the price, so might have to look at a few more pieces.

Next, I stopped by the LOFT to find some summer clothes for the weekend. The LOFT isn't excellent quality per se, but I've decided in recent years that knits and summer clothes wear out equally regardless of what I pay for them. Plus, when the LOFT has sales like they do right now (40% off with code TAKE40), you can't lose.
Wear? I plan on wearing this with boyfriend jeans or white shorts and sandals. I also like the idea of pairing it with turquoise jewelry.

Shorts are tricky, and I was shocked and awed that I found a great cut and fit, also at the LOFT. I'm curvy and have athletic thighs, so generally I have to size up, but I didn't with these.
What? 4" Twill Shorts
Wear? Pretty much with any silk, knit, or woven top I own. :) I'm most excited to wear these with my Ann Taylor blouse below.

I'm on a mission to dress intentionally this summer. I mentioned that above with my completer pieces challenge. The same goes for tops. Last summer I survived on knit dresses, woven shorts and v-neck tees. Which is fine, I'll still probably do that time and again, but I love silk and woven tops too, because they look intentional.
Who? Ann Taylor
What? Washed Silk Camp Shirt
Wear? Try it simply with white shorts or skirt, or tucked into a printed pencil skirt, such as black and white, navy, gray, or even cobalt.
As with the sister store, enter code SPRING40 for an additional 40% off.

Lastly, I've had these for a little while, but I love them. I'm seeing them pop up on other style blogs, so it reminded me to remind YOU about them.

Wear? These are great with jeans, either bootcut or boyfriend, but they also look great with dresses. They are fairly comfortable, so I imagine they'll be one of my go-to sandals for summer.

What have you been shopping for lately? Find anything you have to share?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the camera, but I always enjoy your picks too. I don't remember the last time I shopped at Sears and I like the idea of a vest for a summer completer piece. I may have to check that one out. I've seen those Target sandals in person and they look really well made for the price. Great to hear about the ATL shorts, I find shorts very hard to fit my pear shape and they always end up needing a waist alteration.