Monday, April 11

weekend edition

We had such the roller coaster week last week that we wanted nothing more than to play the weekend by ear, and just do what sounded fun when we felt like it.
Saturday morning we headed to the gym for the morning workouts. Women's lifting has started up again, so I pounded out some deadlifts while Bryan participated in the competitive workout. It looked insane. I've never seen him so beat. He definitely deserved a relaxing day after that!
Bryan's favorite local lunch spot is the Upper Crust Bakery, so we stopped by there for good food and a few photos. They have great pastries, obviously, but their lunches are great too. Sandwiches, soups, quiche. Mmm.
Photo: STARCH: a gastroblog
The only must do on the agenda was to drop my jeans off to be let out. I hope it works, otherwise we have to start completely over again. We spent a few minutes peeking around Nordstrom, Sephora, Ann Taylor, and the Loft. We had just been down there two weekends previously, so there wasn't a lot I needed to look at.
At Ann Taylor, I tried on a dress that I ordered online already so that I could compare sizes.
Something interesting happened in the fitting rooms. Previously, at Nordstrom, my shopper asked my husband to make himself comfortable in the fitting room waiting area. So at Ann Taylor, he did the same thing. It is set up nearly identically to Nordstrom. But while I was trying on a dress, I heard a sales associate as him (and another man) to leave the fitting rooms because " could look in the slats of the door if you really wanted to."
My poor husband was mortified and embarrassed, as I assume the other man was as well. I'm not sure what I really think about that. On the one hand, if it's okay in Nordstrom I don't understand why it's not at Ann Taylor. As a woman, I can respect a store wanting to protect my privacy, but on the other hand, she made my husband feel like a sleazy perv. Do you have any thoughts on the subject?
After that, Bryan was a dear and drove me even farther south to the location of my jury duty later this week. I can't believe I have to go so far south. We're talking the furthest southwest part of Austin, and I'm in the furthest northeastern part. It'll take me a good 45 minutes with no traffic. At least I know where it is now. :)
On the way back home we stopped off for some groceries, and as we left the store I spotted the Hey Cupcake! food trailer. Again. I see it every time I leave the store and I've always wanted to try it. I told Bryan "I've always wanted to go there" so of course he pulls over and we got some. Mmm!
Since we were out all day Saturday, we took Sunday easy and slow. I napped for a good part of it. :)
Dress: Halogen, Shoes: DV for Target, Watch: Fossil


  1. Hmm that is indeed a strange thing. The store should have a firm policy among the staffers if that's allowed or not. But I firmly believe that it would be detrimental for the store if every man sitting there waiting for his wife was practically criminalized. I mean, see it like this: 1. The better ones among the clothing stores have sitting areas for men, so they don't get bored before the women have seen everything (and thus bought as much as they want, increasing the store's margin), 2. if they don't have sitting areas for the men, they shouldn't chase them away from the only place to sit, 3. women often want their men's opinion on something, and you have certainly tried to call on a man through the whole store, right? Chances are everyone but him will hear you. Embarassing. 4. In the cases where the man pays for stuff his wife likes, making him look like a pervert will most certainly not makes his wallet spring open. And by the way "if you really wanted to"?? Jeez, we are not in Saudi-Arabia or something. If the store was THAT concerned about it, why not leave the male customers alone and make the doors or curtains peek-proof? The cost for that would certainly be less than using customers with this rude behavior.

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  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Why don't they just tilt the slats the other way then? It always bugs me a bit when slats in that sort of door are tilted so you can see in better than out, but I figure I'm the only person who really notices that sort of thing.

    I rarely shop with my husband, so I'm a bit awkward about fitting room etiquette anyway. It certainly wouldn't bother me to have men in the vicinity, but I've no idea what the standard is.

  3. Well, I certainly don't like the fact that my son was treated like a perv! Bless his heart! I'm with the other posters. Ann Taylor corporate guys/gals, either pull the chairs out away from the fitting room doors (easy enough, Ms. Manager...) or get peepless doors. I'd go to a different Ann Taylor store just for that.

    harumph harumph talk to one of my kids that way...

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I can't believe they said that! Obviously not a well trained sales person. I would have said something to the manager I think. On the other hand, great dress : )

  5. I agree with what you all have said.
    I think regardless of the fitting room policy, the sales associate handled the situation VERY poorly.
    I'm starting to formulate a letter... It is not okay to insult ANYone like that, let alone a paying customer.
    The sales person did tell my husband later that they are trying to get the doors re-done, but by that point the harm was already done. Ugh.

  6. I've had that happen to me too, with an old boyfriend years ago when we were shopping together - at one store he was invited to sit in the general area outside the stalls, and in another he was asked to leave in a rude voice. It seems like department stores are more apt to have a space for the waiting men, while stand-alone stores like Ann Taylor are less likely to do so. Maybe that's an artifact of history, or the idea that there will be more co-ed shopping in a department store? These days, almost everything is in a mall setting, so I'm sure couples shop together all the time.

  7. At my Nordies we don't allow men in the fitting room. We will either move a chair outside the fitting room entrance, or have men sit in the chairs by the registers. I think this is best. I would feel uncomfortable having a man sitting in the dressing rooms. There should be more consistency company-wide, though. I wonder what the "official" rule is. I wonder if there even is an "official" rule?

    Regardless, the AT sales person handled the situation very poorly and without any tact! Not ok.

  8. Exactly Marianna. My Nordstrom has the same thing. There is a fitting room waiting room, if you will. And that is what this AT had as well.
    But regardless of the policy, it was handled extremely poorly.