Thursday, April 14

the way things are

I need to have a shirt made that says "Don't worry, I'm a blogger". Some days the stares and even comments (yes, comments) that I get during photo sessions get to be too much and I do what I can to get my husband to take my pictures.
This means getting up earlier and getting ready faster. But we do what we have to do. :)
Most of the time I don't mind, but I really don't like the comments I get as people drive by my front yard.
The warm weather means I'm already pulling out my summer survival wear. In APRIL! I'll be wearing the same things from April to October.
Last year I stocked up on fall apparel because it's just what I like (layers are far more interesting) but this year I've taken a different approach. It makes too much sense to shop for your dominant season. I'm looking forward to actually dressing intentionally this summer, and I even have plans for layering. *shock*
I've been playing around with these shorts before I decide to get more. I prefer a 5" short, but that's out of the question for Monday through Friday. I am a skirt girl at heart, but I do like the option of walk shorts. I definitely like them dressed up more, with pumps rather than sandals. And a more blouse-y top, too.
I was getting ready (quickly, as you recall) and I asked my husband if I should go expected or unexpected with accessories and he said "I like the sound of unexpected" so I grabbed this coral red bracelet and a smaller gold one to finish off the look. This addition is more modern, while the gold and pearl expected option would have been more classic and traditional.
Top: LOFT, Shorts: Target, Shoes: Nine West: Bracelets: Target and gift from my Grandma


  1. I love the shorts, i have the same pair and love them to bits esp. for Mon_Fri attire to swtch things up. I am still tryng to get used to wearing them with a bit of a heel like you, but right now i love them with my flats

  2. I think this top goes with the shorts a lot better than the other one. But I like both pairs of shoes, myself. :)

  3. Those shoes are to die for! Sooo beautiful! Maybe it's the combo but I actually like those shorts better this time:)

  4. You look super, as always. If the comments are anything other than positive, I just don't understand the problem these people have. After all, cameras are meant to be used for taking photos.