Tuesday, April 26

so easy, my cat could

I think one benefit to my minimalistic style is that remixing is so easy. I don't have a lot of variables to consider, so generally, everything goes with...everything.
This is one of my most simple looks, but I really like it. It was copied straight from a JCrew catalog, although let's face it, it didn't take a ton of creativity on anybody's part. My cats could probably put this together.
Something like this allows even the most basic pieces to stand out. It's all about fit, fit, and fit when you dress so simply.
Cropped pants are controversial. I think it's one of those choices you need to make for yourself. If you choose to wear them, I have found that lower rise styles (even with pleating) look best. If they are cropped *above* the ankle, I prefer them to be straight, not skinny. If they hit the ankle or below, a skinny looks acceptable to me. Nude pumps or wedge sandals always lengthen a look, but especially this one.
The word from Amazon is that my camera should be arriving today or tomorrow. I can't wait. Sometimes I feel like I do my readers a disservice because you can't really see the details and coloring very clearly. We're almost there!!

Cardigan: Halogen, Pants: Gap, Top: Gap, Shoes: Nine West "Rocha", Ring: Nordstrom, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Looks great! I'm a big fan of these, even if Angie hates them : )

  2. The small touches really take a basic white shirt and black pants from a waiter's outfit to super cool. I especially like the violet colored nails, the fact these pants are cropped, the fun ring and the scrunches sleeves. These small changes all together created on sleek outfit, just lovely.

  3. I like your ring. I wish I could wear rings like that (the flower), but my tiny fingers aren't made for rings unless they are sized to fit. Or I wear them on my thumb.

  4. Thanks Lisa and Amy!
    Erin, some places make adjustable rings. I've seen them from Target to Nordstrom. I am not a tiny person, but I do have fairly thin fingers in proportion. The adjustables go considerably smaller than my finger needs, so definitely check them out.

  5. Julie9:57 AM

    *sigh* There are those shoes again. I think I need them. :) I love how your creative details brought a simple concept so much life!

  6. Love your hair in this one, ever want to do hair style tutorials for us?

  7. Great idea, Rachel. I will get on that. :)