Friday, April 8

the real windy city

It took me awhile to get used to summer storms. I do like them, mostly when it isn't the middle of the night, though. We had our last big storm, complete with thunder and lightning on Monday but I was sure we'd get another one with that angry looking sky, but we never did see rain. But the WIND. I tell you, my little Austin 'burb gets incredible wind. At least my hair looks good in it. :D
Speaking of hair, my stylist is giving me samples of products to try, and I really like the current one I'm using. Not only is my hair softer, but the blow drying and styling is lasting a lot longer. This hair is 3 days since a wash (although I do use dry shampoo, don't get grossed out), and normally it doesn't look this good that far out.
This skirt gets rave reviews from me (as you well know) and I'm happy to announce that not only is this color finally available online, it's also on sale. If this isn't your cuppa, there are still other colors available. You won't find a better, more flattering, all-season-wearing skirt out there.
I stick to a few stores that I know are wins for me. Nordstrom, Gap, Ann Taylor, JCrew, and Zara. However, once in awhile I think it's a good idea to pop into random stores to see if things have changed or they have great unique pieces on sale.
A few years ago, a friend of mine and I popped into Harolds as it was going out of business. We found some fantastic accessories for dirt cheap. I love this belt, and it makes me wish Harolds was still in business. I'm a little hesitant to call out my favorite shopping spots because a lot of previous faves are no longer. Martin + Osa, Harolds...even our Fossil apparel stores closed. Boo.
Skirt: Nordstrom, Top: JCrew, Belt: Harolds, Shoes: DKNYC, Bracelet: Ann Taylor


  1. I like your hair. What's your hair? How do you keep it so smooth and straight?

  2. Thanks Sky! First tip is to get a good stylist. Secondly, I use good products. I'm testing out the Loreal Expert Volume Mask right now.
    I also have a good dryer and brush. I dry 80% of my hair with my fingers (upside down, too) and then finish it off with the round brush. The only other product I use is a volumizing mousse by Davines before drying.

  3. Three days is impressive. My hair lasts about 26 hours before it needs to be washed.