Monday, April 4

...night stripe

As I said previously, Bryan turned 30 on Sunday. So on Saturday night, a small group of family and friends got together to celerate. We went to one of our favorite places around here, Manuels. Chances are, if you know us, we've gone there with you. ;) But honestly there is just so much good food here, sometimes it's hard to try them all. O:)
It's getting warmer, but we didn't want to be too dressy and stuffy, so I picked something casual, comfortable, yet chic.
I picked up these silk pants during my recent shopping trip. I realize they are controversial in some ways, but I think the way I wore them actually worked. In my opinion, that is.
We had a great time, and more importantly, Bryan felt loved and had fun catching up with everyone.
I can't believe he's 30, but the neat thing is he (we both) are the happiest and healthiest we've ever been.
Bryan and I were introduced by a mutual friend, and although every odd was against us, we managed to work things out and here we are growing old together. Although, 30 is definitely our new 20. I say "our" because I'm not that far behind!
Crop pants: Elizabeth & James, Top: Ann Taylor, Cuff: Swapped, Shoes: B. Makowsky, Earrings: Express


  1. Are these the same pants that were too baggy in a forum post? I think they look great here. The neutral shoe really elongates your leg nicely. Fun stripe top too.

  2. Yes, these pants didn't get a lot of love, but it was one of those things where I decided I loved how they looked and thought they were a fun alternative.
    The sandals definitely help.

  3. I saw you post those pants on the forum and I am glad you kept them! I think they are great and your body still looks proportioned.

  4. You look STUNNING. What on earth could be controversial about those pants? They look fabulous on you!

    Hope you had a great time!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. I saw these pants on the rack the other day but didn't try them I wish I had. I love them on you!

  6. I love these trousers (yeah, I'm sorry, I'm English - it feels weird saying pants, lol) - just perfect for Spring, and definitely something missing from my current wardrobe. Hmmm ... must go shop!