Tuesday, April 12


Styles have names, and although I don't like to box myself into one category, I do think it's helpful to identify what you gravitate towards.
I consider myself modern classic minimalist glamour. Or Modclamingla. Something like that. :)
I'm not trendy, but I'm not Kate Spade classic either. I'm drawn to glamorous hair, makeup, and even clothing silhouettes, but prefer the less-is-more concept when it comes to my personal style and even wardrobe size.
Something I can't have enough of is jackets. Which is going to start getting tricky pretty soon. We're already in the 90s, so I'm left with linen, white, and sleeveless jacket options. I'd love a nude/blush toned jacket eventually. My minimalist side gravitates towards neutrals. The bulk of my closet is black, navy, white, olive, and sand shades.
I think the only problem I run into is my style doesn't always mesh with my lifestyle. I do think because I work in a business casual environment, I can attain my favorite looks if I dress them up just a little. The dressiness balances the less traditional, in my opinion.
I have mentioned in the past that I use other style blogs and fashion magazines as inspiration. I thumbed through the May edition of Lucky magazine, and was drawn in by this look inspired by Kate Moss.
This is definitely ME. I love the top, shoes, pants, and especially jacket. I could live without the rocker vibe accessories and uh...turn table? but everything else is yummy yum.
Who are your style icons? Who do you go to or look at for inspiration?
Pants: Gap, Top: Nordstrom, Jacket: Express, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: Fossil


  1. Caleb was looking at this when I was, and he said, who's that? I said, her name is Sarah. He said, name Sarah too? I said yes, her name is Sarah too...who else's name is Sarah? He grinned and said, Mama! :)

  2. Sarah, you've quickly become an inspiration, thanks!
    Like you I don't like to box myself in so I try to get ideas and find inspiration through many sources, i.e. Runway shows, fashion mags and my mom (may she rest in peace). She continues to be my light and guide!

  3. You look incredible! I love the soft pink ruffled top and those shoes are to die for!

    I get most of my inspiration from reading other style blogs. I've never really been into designers and half the time don't know who any of them are when bloggers talk about them.

    I'd like to get more jackets too, some lightweight ones for summer. It's too hot for most of my blazers at this point!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. I like waaaay too many styles. I really do-- everything from Anthropologie (which I definitely can't pull off) to American Eagle (which is pretty much where I live, but it's uninspired) to JCrew (I do love minimalism) to high fashion (but how practical are Alexander McQueen shoes, really??). This is why I'm not good at shopping. I truly love your style, Sarah, and it seems to fit my personality more than a lot of others, but I'd love to find a way to combine modern minimalist and rocker . . . I LOVE trousers and jackets, but they need an edge to them so it's not just like, "Hey, I just came from work". lol.

  5. Well one of my icons is named Sarah. :) I also look at Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. And I have a weakness for blazers as well.