Friday, April 29

inspired by trina

I have favorite designers of course, but I find that I like a little bit about a lot of them. I love browsing Trina Turk's styles for summer inspiration. A lot of it is too vacation-wear for me, but it's refreshing to see color designed in such a minimalistic - yet bold - way.
This look came to me kind of on a whim. Most things are either planned or directly inspired by something or someone. I hadn't worn this skirt in awhile and wanted to try something a little more "fresh" with it. I was going to grab a solid tank, and saw this one shoved on the top shelf and thought "hm". I love pairing colors that are side by side on the color wheel. Navy and purple is so yum. I put this on and thought, this is SO Trina!
I've had a lot of fun playing with my new camera. It's a Nikon D40x...not super fancy, but light years ahead of what I had. I'm having to learn how to take photos instead of taking 50 and hoping 5 turn out. ;)
I hope you all have a great weekend. We're supposed to get rain and I'm not sad about it. I'm also going to a yoga workshop tomomorrow. It'll be a first!
Tank: Gap, Skirt: Halogen, Sandals: Michael Kors, Watch: Fossil, Lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave"


  1. yay for the new cam! you'll love the D40/x!

    i'm not sure i'm entirely sold on the colors of the skirt and top together, but i think that's just because i'm so used to be boringly safe-- browns with tans and creams, and blacks with whites, etc. i do feel i need to be more open to unique color combos, though. i'm just afraid that i'll pick out two colors that totally clash and i won't know until someone tells me. =( my sense of color-combining is NOT good (this is why i have zero talent for home decorating/painting).

  2. Love it! The purple/navy is perfect, and I like that the tank dresses down the Halogen skirt for a summery look.

  3. lawdiva2:22 PM

    Very cute! I love all of your outfit combos. Sarah, did you have to get this skirt tailored at all? I just bought it in 1 size smaller than my normal size, and even that is way too big. I'm not sure about going down 2 sizes though. I'm curious if you found the sizing of the skirt to be a problem at all.

  4. I love this color pairing, it's bright and fresh perfect for hot weather. And the metallic sandals are a nice touch.

  5. Thanks!
    @lawdiva, I did have to go down a full size on the skirt. It is fairly boxy, but it sits well a little lower on the hip for me. I hope you can find a remedy, because it's a great skirt.

  6. Ginny8:45 PM

    hi Sarah, what a brave color combo!! looks good, I think it is definately springy.. Was scanning YLF a few days ago and saw your post about the olive green target dress and thought wow that really looks great, loved the color!!!! Thought it looked great on you, was at target the next day and found it in our store!!! gave it a try, did not think it would work on my body type, chesty-shortwaisted. I found an elastic brown belt to go with it and low and behold I really liked it. Before finding your blog and YLF I think I would have walked right by it. Not knowing how to style it and make it work!! Thanks for the inspiration to help me go out side my box/ comfort zone. I now have a new outfit that I love for the warmer months!!! Thanks for what you do!!! it helps this chick!!

  7. Props to you, Ginny! That makes me happy. I think it's so important that we don't confine ourselves to that mental box.
    I think it's so important to try ANYthing on that strikes you. Have an open mind, try various sizes and colors, and accessories and see what happens. It's your body and you dress it better than anyone. ;)