Monday, April 25


It is tradition for us to spend Easter weekend with my in-laws. All the kids and sometimes grandparents drive from all over the area to get together. It's always good to see everyone, and it's a fun holiday to spend with family.
Another tradition-that is from my side of the family-is to get a new dress for Easter Sunday. It started when my sisters and I were very little, and at least I am keeping the tradition alive and well. Any "excuse" to buy a new dress, right?
It's always interesting trying to get photos away from home. Especially when the sidewalk tries to eat me up. I wasn't dancing or showing off my pretty highlights, I was scrambling trying not to fall.
Another reason I love to go visit my in laws, is I get to check up on my boys. When my kitty Molly had a litter of four, two of them went to live with my in laws. Sam is particularly friendly, and he wanted to know what this whole photo shoot thing was about.
I hope you all had a Happy Easter!
Dress: Ann Taylor, Jacket: Express, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: MK, Ring: Nordstrom
on Bryan: Suit, Shirt, and Tie: Hugo Boss, Boots: Kenneth Cole


  1. I always enjoy when couples outfits "go well" together. A lovely combination of colors here. Hubby looks so dapper in his suit. And the white blazer was the perfect topper for the new dress.

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Gorgeous Easter outfits, both of you!

  3. Love it all, including Sam! :) Are those shoes still available??

  4. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Nice - love the dress! We haven't had the greatest weather yet here, I still wore boots yesterday. Rain today too. Spring is late this year for us!

  5. Julie, they are!
    One of my best shoe purchases ever. :)