Monday, April 4

day stripe...

This weekend was a bit on the busy side, but we had fun. Bryan turned 30 on Sunday, so we took the opportunity to invite some family down for Saturday and Sunday. We ended up having to play Saturday by ear, but during the day we had a few errands including Bryan's birthday haircut, and some birthday shopping.
My husband loves games. Whether computer, PS3, Wii, or good old fashioned board games. I got him a few fun (for me) gifts so I wanted to take him to the game store to get a few games he'd been wanting.
I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the game store wearing a dress and wedges. ;)
Dresses such as these are just too easy. I would argue that they are easier than pajamas or other such "clothing" I see in public that I shouldn't. We went to breakfast on Sunday for Bryan's actual birthday, and I was shocked how many people looked as though they literally rolled out of bed and into the restaurant.
Dress: Target, Shoes: DV for Target, Cami: Old Navy, Watch: Fossil, Ring: M+O


  1. I love this dress as a weekend dress. Nothing is easier to grab and go with on busy weekends than a dress. It took me a while to think of that one. I wish my Target had this whole outfit, I love the whole thing. Have you tried this dress with your AT blazer yet?

  2. I haven't tried that pairing yet. That jacket is wool and although it works in the cold a/c at work, it would be a bit warm for any other occasion.
    I believe the dress is still available online if you are interested.

  3. ginny1:02 PM

    love the dress, i am starting to become a believer in wearing a day dress, so much easier and so much dressier, i am trying to get over the "i am the only one wearing a dress or dressier outfit than others" on the weekends especially, but it is coming!!! LOL thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Ha, that is the same one from Target I am *thisclose* to buying. Even many sizes and many miles apart, we still like the same pieces! :)

  5. That's a pretty dress! I like how well the cami fits underneath. It looks like it was born that way ;-)

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  6. Carrie6:14 PM

    I saw that dress at Target and thought about buying it. Now that I see it on you I think I'm going to have to go back and get it!

  7. I totally, 100% agree. I have dresses that are just as easy to wear and honestly, sometimes I DO wear them to bed because they're so incredibly comfortable. Plus when you find them at places like Ross, they're just as inexpensive as PJs if not cheaper.

    You look great! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!

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  8. I love this outfit and was so surprised that it was mostly Target! I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that they make a similar dress in maternity, may have to order that today. I love the shoes too, I don't think my poor feet can handle the 4" heel right now :-/