Wednesday, April 27

cropped comments

Last week I went back to Nordstrom to finish the story on my JBrand jeans. Long story short, after two attempts and two months of drama, my shopper mailed me a new pair so I could wash them, I went down and they hemmed the jeans while I waited. I'm so happy they are done, and they look fantastic. :)
One of my favorite things about going down there is seeing what my shopper is wearing. She has a style very similar to mine, and I think I've wanted everything I've seen her wear. She had on these great pants and told me where to get them, so I did. I love the rust color, and they are perfect for casual wear on the weekend. Casual still stumps me because in theory, it goes against my personal style. But this is very doable. :)
The shoes are also "new". My sister raved and raved about her pair and after months of hearing about them, I finally broke down and got them myself. They were a bit stiff at first, but within minutes of wear, the leather softened and they couldn't be more comfortable.
I like to consider myself very open minded and especially open to constructive criticism. I don't expect everyone to love my outfits and how I wear things. But I do ask (ahem, this is for you "Anonymous") if you have something negative to say (especially if it isn't constructive *wink*) please use your name. Unless it attacks me personally, I will happily post it for the world to see.
And on a more positive note, my camera and remote arrived yesterday, and after our workout Bryan took me to Best Buy to get an SD card and a tripod. I feel so legit now! I used the camera this morning, and will start blogging with it soon. :)
Jacket: Nordstrom, Tank: Target, Pants: JCrew, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Ana Jackson1:15 PM

    Whatever, I love this outfit! It's fun and different. Love your lipstick, too! Is that the Nars?

    Glad to hear your jeans saga ended happily as well. :)

  2. Thanks Ana!
    This lipstick is actually MAC's "Morange" which is slightly more of a coral orange than the Nars Heat Wave, which is more orange red.
    I'll have to do a comparison with my new camera so you can see the difference. :)

  3. Yay for a happy jeans ending. So glad that worked out for you. The cropped pant look is really growing on me, and I prefer these a tad more, just because they look a little slimmer to the leg than the black onen's. One nice thing about cropped pants, they show off some really fab shoes. I have a tie waist skirt and was suggested to tuck the tie. How about doing this and adding a belt for the next look? Might be fun.

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I like it too! (Did you see my blog post about your blog?)

  5. I am not crazy about tucked top and long string. But I like that you take risks with your outfits even though they are not so perfect.

  6. I don't like anonymous comments. Unless they're uber sweet. Then they're okay.

    Those pants are incredibly cute on you and I love the sandals! Yay for new cameras, too!

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