Monday, April 18

chic monday

Nothing like a fresh haircut and a relaxing weekend to kick a week off right. I spent Saturday with friends (including a stop at the Chanel makeup counter, amazing dinner at El Arbol, a pedicure, and laughs over The Devil Wears Prada) and Sunday with my husband. Life is rich when you are surrounded with such lovely people.
If you are local, or ever visit, you MUST try El Arbol. A friend of mine discovered it, and I went there for the first time on Saturday. Fab Argentinian cuisine set in a mid-century setting. I'll be back...especially for the fried brussel sprouts and salted caramel gelato.
I stopped by Nordstrom to pick up my jeans, and unfortunately they are still shorter on one side than the other. The short side can't be let out any more, though. Part of me just wants to take a break from denim and start over again in the fall. I'm nearly past the point of wearing denim anyway, with it being in the 90s already.
Still, through all of this, Nordstrom is my favorite store because I KNOW they will make this right. A new pair of jeans is already on hold for me once I make my decision.
Top: Halogen, Vest: Ann Taylor, Trousers: Level 99, Shoes: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Harolds


  1. I love those khaki's! I want a good pair of khaki's one day. I used to have some years ago, but I haven't been able to find any I like in a long time.

  2. The khaki trousers are really refreshing to see going into summer. And they fit perfectly. Overall this is such a simple outfit, black, white, khaki, but the interest in the details from the vest and the white top really take it from basic to super.

  3. Oh, sorry to hear about the jeans - ARGH! Lucky you are dealing with Nordstrom and not some other retailer who wouldn't make it right ...
    p.s. you look fab!