Friday, April 1


I debated whether or not to post this outfit. I love it of course. This vest will be a great completer piece in the spring and summer. It has great detail and an interesting shape.
I love the top too, and you know the shoes are my favorite.
But the problem is the jeans.
These are my J Brand Love Story jeans that I got the other week. They were being hemmed all last week and we picked them up last weekend. I pulled them out to wear them, and they are too short.
I realize I'm very picky about hemlines, but if they don't almost graze the floor, I can't do it.
As always, Nordstrom is standing by their product and work and will fix the jeansfor me, but it will involve three more trips down there to get them done again.
I know it'll be worth it in the end, but right now I just want to crumple the jeans in the back closet and move on with my life.
This weekend, my dear husband turns the big 30. And I'm not far behind him.
Believe it or not, we aren't too terribly afraid of the 30s. It might have to do with the fact that we are in the best shape of our lives. O:)
Top and vest: Ann Taylor, Jeans: J Brand Love Story, Shoes: Nine West Rocha, Watch: Fossil

This photo didn't make the cut for the blog, but on second review I just had to post it so you could see my little girls in the window. That would be Abigayle (tabby) and Molly. >v<


  1. Great post! I do love the jeans and think they are OK but you have to be comfortable in what you wear. I love the kitties. Love the shirt!!!

  2. Ok, I'm very confused with the hem of pants. I thought they were supposed to be about an inch off the ground, but yours always seem to be grazing the ground, which to me seems long. I bought pants recently that had to be hemmed (of course, short me), and Matt measured them to be one inch, and they still don't hang as long as yours (appear) to in photos. Did the rule change, or do you just prefer yours longer? Help?

  3. The "rule" is halfway down the heel of your shoe (whether it's flat or heeled) and longer - to just grazing the ground. I prefer mine like a fingernail width off the ground.
    Longer pants are more lengthening, and I personally prefer them longer with high heels as I wear them. I'm more forgiving with flats.
    With the higher heel, it feels like I'm wearing high waters or whatever they are called now.

  4. Well you know I am also a lover of long lengths with pants. I would be crushed. I wonder, are all your heels the same height? Would it help if the personal shopper jotted down on a card what your preferred inseam is to help avoid all the driving back and forth for pants? Sorry to hear. This is always my fear with getting items hemmed too.

  5. Yes, most of my heels (including sandals) are 4" including a platform, so to me they feel like 3 or 3.5".
    I had two other pants hemmed at the same time, and their length is perfect.

  6. I love the vest!! But I agree the jeans are too short :( What a bummer I feel for you.

  7. I think the jeans are OK the way they are, but I completely understand the thought - you wanted them to graze the ground, and they just don't. I would feel the same way about them. That is why after two unfortunate hemmings, I never have it done again. I'm glad that yours can be fixed!

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  8. You look great! I love your vest!

  9. Okay, I realize to each his own and you are more than entitled to your opinion (especially when it comes to your own clothes!), but I have to tell you that I think you look fabulous. I really don't think the hem looks too short at all!

    And also, thanks for including the kitty pictures! I love pictures of kittens. They make me happy. :)

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  10. Oh, what a pain! Glad Nordstrom is going to fix it, at least.

  11. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I agree that you look great in the photos - and I think the jeans look like they were made for you to be the right length instead of purchased a little too long and not hemmed!