Tuesday, March 29

what to wear: losing weight

I have lost over 70 pounds, and while dressing an ever-changing body was difficult, it certainly wasn't impossible.
Here are a few tips that worked for me, and will hopefully help you navigate a revolving wardrobe.

1. Dresses Dresses were my staple. The fat would fall from my hips, stomach, and what I refer to as my "upper stomach" first, before I'd see changes in my waist and torso. Dresses, primarily wrap dresses, are very forgiving and can generally stretch across multiple sizes. I have several dresses I bought as a size 10 and can still wear them as a 4-6.
Stretchier fabrics are best, and a-line shapes that hug the waist are the most flattering. Wrap, faux wrap, tie waist, or defined waist.

2. Skirts
Similar to dresses, skirts can generally last for two (if not more) sizes. I'd buy one size down and wear it higher at my waist, and it would gradually get lower as I shed pounds.

3. Thrift/Consignment/Discount shopping
I don't thrift very much, but I did more so during the two years I lost the bulk of the weight. I'd thrift things like trousers and jeans that only looked great at one size. I'd also cruise Target sale racks, TJMaxx/Marshalls, and consignment shops for good deals on short and long term clothing. I got most of my jeans from the Gap using their now famous 40% off on Wednesdays coupons.

4. Shoes! Bags! Accessories!
Use the opportunity to stock up on shoes, bags, and accessories. They always fit!

5. Remix
Find ways to mix and match the few pieces you have. Try new combinations, and don't be afraid of making "mistakes".

I find that it is very important to have even a tiny wardrobe of items that fit well while your body is changing. Nothing was more frustrating than feeling proud of my progress, only to put on clothes and feel frumpy because they were ill fitting.
So how about you? How did you handle size changes when it came to your wardrobe? Any tips to share? Any questions?


  1. This was so incredibly helpful! I have lost 19 pounds but I still have 36 more to go to get to pre-baby weight, and then about 15 more to my goal weight after that. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. Have a color epiphany and a personal color analysis a few months into your weight loss... If yours ends up like mine, you'll want to toss the old clothes for two reasons then! :-D

    Relatable Style

  3. I used to to the same thing as your skirt thing with wide-legged stretcy pants - I'd wear them slightly high-waisted at first, and when they got bigger they would take on a more relaxed slouchy look which was also good. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. I just want to say I found your blog a month ago and your great to follow. I was wondering about your weight loss story. How did you do it? What can you share to get down to your small size. I've lost 25 lbs but that last 10 is so hard. How did you do it?

  5. Thanks Terrie! I plan on going over my weight loss story in detail within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I just found your blog today... First, Congrats on losing 70lbs!! That is wonderful! Second, thank you for these tips; they are very helpful. I have recently lost 26lbs (with some more to go) but have been having issues figuring out what to wear... especially now that it is starting to get warm out. These ideas have given me some ideas and inspiration.

  7. 70 pounds! Congratulations! I have been trying to lose some of my excess body fat as well but it hasn't been going well. I think I might have to go the coolsculpting route.