Tuesday, March 15

an uncommon union

There is something just...fun? about pairing this dress with this cardigan. It's like "hey low-end, meet high-end."
I bought this dress several years ago now, and when I did, the sales person (because it was her job) and my friend (because she's really good at shopping) both told me that I'd never regret the purchase.
I haven't.
There are a few things I have that I've spent more for than my car payment (which is higher than I'd like, only because our last car tried to kill me and I had to get out of that situation faster than the loan on it allowed - but that's another story). I frequently get asked what my budget is, and honestly I don't have one. I mean, yes, I have x amount per month I can spend, but I allocate that however I see fit. Sometimes I'll save up a few months and get one thing, or get several things. Or burn every month budget every month. O:) It really depends on what's on my List.
I would really love a new spring/summer handbag. I never change mine out. Very rarely, anyway. But it's time for something a little lighter and brighter.
I had more time this morning to apply makeup, so I branched out of my daily routine a bit. I have a makeup case (gift from hubs) filled with all of my makeup, but I use a smaller bag with my everyday makeup during the week. It makes the process faster and easier. I've been wearing two shades of brown and a white, but today I applied MAC's "Cranberry" with my NYX "Root Beer" and I love it. I don't know why I don't pull out my colors more often.
Dress: JCrew, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: AK, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Nordstrom (gift from my Mama)

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