Thursday, March 24

the summons

For as much as I love all things Law & Order you would THINK I'd be thrilled to get a jury summons. But noooo. Ugh. I served on a jury for a week when I was 18. It was cool then. But now I have so many more things I'd rather be doing. Everything is crossed that I won't actually have to go.
So last week I had my spring shopping haul, so you'll start to see pieces pop up. This top was one of my purchases, along with the belt. Can't have one without the other once you see them together. :) The top is cotton, and I can imagine wearing it like this, tucked into high waisted trousers, or with crisp shorts on the hottest of days. It's cotton! Yay!
One of my favorite designers to WEAR (because there is a difference between favorites to wear and favorites to browse) is Michael Kors. I especially love MK shoes and accessories. I got these sandals late last summer so I didn't have a chance to wear them often.
Blouse: Michael Kors, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Cami: Old Navy, Shoes: Michael Kors, Belt: Via Spiga


  1. You look very classy, and I love the belt and the shoes!

  2. Now I'm not sure which wedge I like more, the bronze or these gold one's! The new top is lovely, thanks for posting a link to it!

  3. Good thing I have both then. ;)