Wednesday, March 23

spring has sprung. like officially.

I wear makeup you guys. Why does it look like I have none on? Wow.
I can't believe I'm in shorts in MARCH, though. We are getting record setting temps this week, some days nearing 90 degrees already. This is not a good sign. I am prepared to melt this summer. Sigh.
For as much as I complain about the heat, I do like, more and more, dressing for summer. It complies with my minimalistic approach to style. :)
One of my favorite aspects of warm weather dressing is wedge sandals. My collection is growing as we speak, because it is what I find most comfortable (and practical) for hot weather. It's tricky dressing office appropriate in the heat, but shoes are easy at least! These are my famed (just in my house, really, although Bryan doesn't care much) $19.99 Coach wedges.
I have a thing against black shoes. I do have some. Four pair to be exact, but three of those are winter shoes (boots, booties, oxfords). But in general I gravitate towards metallics or nudes.
Although this year I really want a pair of yellow sandals. JCrew had the perfect ones, but they are sold out. Go figure. Well if you happen to see some almost citron colored cage-ish sandals, you know who to notify. :D
Blouse: Ann Taylor, Shorts: Target, Shoes: Coach, Cami: Old Navy, Watch: MK
Signs of spring are sprouting up all over the place! I saw this tiny egg shell right outside my front door, and then my oxalis is also blooming. I've even seen wild bluebonnets, unfortunately they seem to spring up alongside the highway first, and I'm not too keen on stopping on the highway to snap a photo.


  1. Cute shoes. I hate wearing black shoes, too...and I own exactly one pair of heels to wear in the winter. I found my yellow flats (not heels) on 6pm last year for a steal (John Fluevog).

  2. Love love LOVE those bronze wedges -- I know they are Coach, but where on earth did you find them? The color and shape of them is just fantastic. I am not a black shoe fan in summer either.

    Let us not discuss the shorts. I have a dusting of snow on my car! Boo.

  3. Thanks Kristen(s)!
    I got these shoes at Dillards about 5 years ago. I love them more than the day I got them, no joke. :)
    Funny thing is, they were too small when I got them but since my feet shrank a couple years ago, they fit perfectly now!

  4. I never considered metallic sandals for summer, what a great idea. Less harsh than black one's against the skin. Love that top from Ann Taylor.

  5. Definitely, Lisa. And actually quite versatile.