Tuesday, March 22

purple is

I have always liked purple. I probably liked it, oh, around the time I decided I was going to be the Queen of England when I grew up. Other kids settled far too low.
Today was a trial outfit. I was given these pants and unfortunately I think they're just on the short side for me.
The top was a staple last summer and no I'm just not sure. Sometimes when I start questioning things I try to wear them a few times several different ways before I make a decision. I'm shifting into my spring/summer things so they have to pass the test before they can enter The Closet.
I do like this cardigan for sure. It's cotton, but very soft. Plus, the color is anything but drab, so it should fit right in for the hot summer chilly office days. It won't be much longer before I have to endure the frigid blasting a/c five hours a day. I keep a fairly thick jacket at my desk year round, and oddly enough it gets worn far more in the over 100 degree days than any other day of the year. Over my often two or three other layers!
Top and cardigan: BCBG Max Azria, Trousers: Limited (swapped), Shoes: AK, Watch: giftedMy shopping budget has had to share with fitness shoes and apparel lately, so since I have to allocate funds there as well, the least I can do is share my finds here. :D
 And since the shoes are purple.... :)
Top: Nike, Shorts: Lululemon (yes, ladies, the hype is totally true! these fit better than any fitness shorts period), Shoes: Nike, Socks: Puma


  1. I think the pants length is good. I would tell you if I thought they were too short, as too short pants is one of my pet peeves. And I really like that top on you too!

  2. I love purple too! (New reader here) My 1st thought was "the pants look great." I can see how they'd feel too short if you wanted to wear higher heels, so go with what's comfy =)


  3. I almost bought that at Nordstrom a couple of years ago! It looks great on you. I had a personal shopper appt and they brought it to me but it was too much at the time. I agree that the pants aren't too short.
    I'm going to my first Cross Fit class in the morning. Should be fun!

  4. Thank you all! I may try to let out the pants a bit or just wear my one pair of flats with them. I think they fit great, and they have a wide waistband which I love.
    Closet Therapist, good luck at Crossfit! I go every day except Sunday. I think I'm addicted!