Thursday, March 10

the price we pay

Well readers, my camera broke. I uploaded the best images I could, but it took one fall too many to the pavement. Sigh. I can still take some photos I think, but I have a feeling I'll need a replacement soon. Like, this week soon.
Today's outfit was inspired by the latest episode of What Not to Wear. The makeoveree was a female boxer, and I thought it was so interesting how they approached dressing an athletic female body. I'm not huge or overly muscular, but I have noticed changes in how clothing fits me now that I am more muscular and in shape.
Anyway, the girl didn't want to dress overly feminine, but wanted her clothing to be feminine enough to tone down her naturally harder demeanor. She had a fab outfit with wide leg trousers, a sparkly top, and a leather jacket.
So here's my version!
"Feminine" to me is an attitude, not an article of clothing. I feel just as feminine in my trousers as I do in my dresses. What about you? What is your definition of feminine, and do you feel empowered when you dress that way? Do you notice you are treated differently depending on what you wear?
Also, does anyone have recommendations for a camera? Sigh. This last picture was taken post breakage. It's so grainy, but I hope you can see the top detail anyway. The cost of a camera will greatly cut into my spring wardrobe budget. This is the price for being fab, I suppose!
Top: Ann Klein, Trousers: Halogen, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Me Too Oxford "Frost" Pumps, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. I like it - I always have a hard time knowing what to do with a sequined top, but pairing it with more tailored/masculine items works really well.

    I haven't seen that WNTW yet, but Stacy and Clinton seem weirdly obsessed with everyone looking feminine - their definition, which doesn't always seem to mean ruffles or something, but certain items and colors seem off-limits. It's a little weird to me, but I've never seen looking feminine as a particular priority. I mean, I am a woman, so whatever I wear is feminine in some sense, right? Maybe it's because I've got curves and not a more androgynous body shape.

  2. Dear Sarah, I just read your story on YouLookFab and wow, it brought tears to my eyes! Partly because I can somehow relate to some of the things you describe. You really have turned your life and faith around, and I truly admire you for this! On the little less profound side, you have great style and I've now added myself as a follower of your blog. Have a lovely weekend!