Friday, March 25

my spring list

 Now that I have acquired a few staples, I have my eye on a few things to complete my spring closet. Or just to drool over. :)

1. Pale pink or tulip colored silk camp shirt

2. Blue print dress

3. White jacket

4. Crisp shorts

5. Skinny pants (denim or otherwise)
6. Sandals

7. Easy knit dresses

8. White bag

9. Blouses (as well as a few knit options, such as black to go with things I already have)

10. Boyfriend jeans


  1. A silk camp shirt is on my list for spring as well, and boyfriend jeans! I've been drooling over that orange blouse from Zara too, it's such a gorgeous color!

  2. poloplus10:26 AM

    Love the blog -can't wait to check it every day!
    Where can I find that white jacket - I love it!

  3. The white jacket is at JCrew!

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Hi Sarah,

    I'm new to your blog. I found it through You Look Fab. Quick question--how did you decide what to put on your list for spring? Did you fill out a wardrobe planning sheet? Thanks! Amy

  5. The brown sandals are from Target and are almost sold out. Good luck, I missed out. :(
    I don't make a wardrobe planning sheet, Amy, I just figure out where my holes are at the start of a season and make a list of items that fills that.
    Also, I know what I need from my experiences last spring/summer. I had three knit dresses and only two pair of sandals to work with, and that's just SILLY. :)