Wednesday, March 23

my friend ann

Ann Taylor has a great selection of sale items, PLUS everything is now an extra 40% off. I am in love with the current styling and selection at AT. Definitely check it out!!
If I had shopping money lying around, I'd check out:

The color!

This dress is so flattering on me. I already have the blouse in this print, but, but...

So yes, I did buy this dress and return it already. But now that it's another 40% off it might be worth it. Hear me out! I bought it to work as a work dress, but it was too short, but as a weekend dress it would be FAB and now totally worth it.

 I reallyreally want a blue print dress.

 It's a jacket. Need I say more?

There are plenty of non-sale items that are great as well, so by all means, don't limit yourself. O:)


  1. Great choices, I particularly like the black/brown patterned dress and the jacket!

  2. Funny, I had ordered the first top in the yellow color prior to seeing your Ann Taylor picks. I agree, they have had some great items lately.