Tuesday, March 1

my apologies, and whale weekend

I missed posting yesterday. I'm so sorry. I usually post weekend highlights on Monday but unfortunately I had an incident with a teeny, tiny fire ant. It amazes me how those little buggars can have such an effect on a healthy, average sized human. Within ten minutes of being stung (in my house, I might add - how DID he get in?!) I had a severe allergic reaction that surprised me so much I was in denial. I had the usual swollen foot, but also yucky poo (sorry), heart burn, sneezing fits, and the scariest of all, swollen eyes. The doctor, nurses, and even pharmacists were shocked at how quickly it set on.
But after shots, pills, and a visit at the doc I'm on the mend so things are back to normal for now. And oh, we have already found the mounds and they are well on their way to ant hell.
Bryan and I wanted nothing more than a relaxing weekend, so I'm thankful we had it. We needed it. Saturday we slept in (yay!) and then went to lunch before heading out to a new CF box's grand opening. Our coach and some others from our box were competing and we wanted to show our support.
Sunday was just as slow and easy. We went to go see The King's Speech in the afternoon. Great, great film. So happy it won the Academy Awards for greatest picture. It's a must-see if you haven't yet. And personally, I might go see it again. :D
So the jeans I purchased last weekend and wore this day, were a little on the short side, so I tried to take out the hem, but the previous owner didn't give me the option. Boo. So they may have to be left for flats or might have to go back to Goodwill. I'm back to square one with jeans, so I've been tossing these in the dryer before each wear until I can find new ones.
Jeans: Gap Sexy Bootcut, Top: Target, Cami: Old Navy, Shoes: Frye Adrienne oxfords, Necklace: Jade whale tale from Skagway, AK, Watch: Fossil


  1. My goodness! I had no idea that fire ants could do that! I'm so glad you're all better now!

    You look absolutely beautiful in that purple top and I think the jeans fit perfectly.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Sarah You are so beautiful. I love your blog. I also love you. You were the quiet one when you were little.

  3. Sorry to hear about the ant. You look lovely in purple and the necklace is neat!