Monday, March 7

memory chain

In an effort to shrink my trousers, I ran them through the wash (don't worry, on gentle cycle and I hung them to dry!). They did shrink - yay! But they also got shorter. So no more 4" berry red Michael Kors. However, they should work with more than one pair of my shoes now. My average shoe height is 3.5".
I'm still getting used to my haircut. I do like it a lot. Eventually it will be stacked a little - shorter in back than in front. I'm looking forward to something more...sassy?...for a change.
Our weekend was good. We got a lot of errands done, including finding a pair of jeans! I'll be doing a denim post soon. I have more errands today, so I opted for simpler is better. I love this sweater, but I'm really sad to say it's pilling quite badly. Tsk, tsk Nordstrom.
The necklace is from an antique shop and I found it while shopping with friends. I love the piece for what it is, but also for the fun memories it captured.
Do you have something - clothing or accessory - that has especially good memories for you?
Top and trousers: Halogen, Necklace: Vintage, Booties: Cole Haan


  1. Audrey12:34 PM

    I have a friend who says you can take these items to the dry-cleaner to be shaved, she does this with her cashmere. Have you ever tried this? Not sure how expensive it is, but it is such a pain when you spend money on an item of clothing that starts to look badly after laundering. I've actually drastically limited the number of sweater items I buy.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to ask about that.
    I'm very picky about sweaters and knit wear too. It's frustrating to buy something that only looks good for a few wears.

  3. Sarah,
    You brought back fond memories of all of us spending time in that cute little historical town when you bought that beautiful necklace! It was a wise purchase. You have great taste. I thought so when you picked that pendant out in a big antique store. Your radar honed right in.
    we all had a great time lunching, visiting, and shopping that great little part of TX.