Tuesday, March 8

me defined

I think if Stacy and Clinton came to my house and asked me to pick out an outfit that defined my style, I'd probably pick this one. For starters, these are my favorite shoes. Nine West makes killer pumps, and when you add in the most delectable snakeskin print there ever was, you have pure magic.
Then of COURSE I'd grab a pencil skirt. This is a new one I picked up last week. Seriously, if you're in the market for a black pencil, check it out. It's lovely. The seaming is fab, and the length is perfect.

And then nothing makes me feel more grown up than a silk blouse. Especially one as creamy as this.
Now I just need Stacy and Clinton to come to my house. O:)
Today started out very humid and overcast. Humidity ruins my hair! Thankfully it looks like it's already cleared a little, and the sun is peeking out.
I love this time of year because it's warm enough to open the windows, but not too warm to have to shut them and rely on a/c. The kitties love it too. They perch on the windowsills for hours and watch cars, people, birds, and bugs, or nap in the sunshine.
No napping for me today! I'm starting the huge task of cleaning out our closets. I have a bunch of too big clothing I'm going to try to make a little money off of to go towards my denim fund. ;)
Skirt: Ann Taylor, Blouse: Myne, Shoes: Nine West: Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Liz and I were at Gap a few days ago and she tried on a pair of those super skinny black pants that you're always talking about. They looked great! So I tried them on, too, and that did not look so hot on me-- the font/crotch area was weirdly saggy, even though they fit fine in the butt/legs. I admit, I was a little disappointed. =(

  2. That's so frustrating! A few things to think of though...they will stretch. In fact, mine are loose enough now that I have a saggy bum.
    Another option is to get yourself to your closest Nordstrom Rack and try on a pair by Classiques Entier. They have more seaming than the Gap ones, and are a thicker fabric so they might sit better.
    Another option is to try skinny black jeans.

  3. You look beautiful as always Sarah. Good luck with the closet clean-up!

  4. Pretty blouse. Do you wear a cami so you don't see the bra straps with the sheer fabric? I really like the photo of the shoes, watch and lipstick, neat!

  5. No I don't. Camis under this blouse draw more attention than not. I do put on a little cardigan for the office though.

  6. Audrey10:39 PM

    Classic and effortless. Love the snakeskin and fun red lipstick!

  7. Ooooo....I am in love with that blouse on you, especially with the red lips!

  8. ahhh, this entire outfit is fantastic. ADORE that blouse, and I'm always on the lookout for pencil skirts. Also, regarding the convo between you and Jess up there, I'll have to check out those Nordstrom pants, too. I just have to keep an eye on the inseam length, even in skinny pants. Sigh. :)

  9. katy~*12:33 AM

    LOVE this outfit.