Friday, March 11

jeans take one

I have begun a new journey. A journey of finding jeans that fit. And look good.
I've decided I'm done with the whole drying jeans before every wear thing. I haven't worn premium denim in a long time, so it was such a treat to go try on multiple pair over the past week. I tried to be picky, yet open minded - budget friendly, but not cheap.
These are the only ones that I came home with. They are the Hudson Signature Boot (in Elm). I love the wash, back pockets, and rise - including an actual waistband.
The only other pair of jeans I absolutely loved was the Paige Premium Denim in Hidden Hills (bootcut), but the store only had black in my size. They have a similar rise and waistband as these Hudsons.
Jeans are just one of those things that you need to take the time to figure out. I went shopping at two different stores and ONLY looked at denim. I wore my average heel height shoes and a basic knit top to make trying things on easier.
When I try things on, I make myself leave the fitting room. I find that I personally have "fitting room vision". I love how things look in there, but once I get them home I'm not so sure, and the old Sarah would have piles of unworn (tags still on!) items in the closet. So I leave the fitting room and look at the jeans (and me) in the 3 angled mirrors. If I'm lucky, my husband or friend will be there to help me look at them objectively.
You have to account for stretch with denim. Every pair, no matter what the label, size, color even...every pair will stretch differently. So if you like how a pair fits, then take them home and wear them around the house for awhile. Take a few photos, too. Compare them in a few hours and see how they fit. I have found that in general, non premium denim (NPD) stretches considerably. My favorite NPD is Gap, and I go down a full size. (I won't lie, buying a size 4 pair of jeans is as fun as it seems.) These Hudsons and most other premium denim fit fairly true to size, but they will stretch just a little - usually just in the areas needed.
So here's to hoping these, and maybe one more pair will work out for me for awhile. I'm still in shock at the price tag, but these will get plenty of wear.
What are your favorite jeans? How many pair do you have? :)
Jeans: Hudson Signature bootcut in "Elm", Top: Gap, Jacket: BCBG, Shoes: Cole Haan Booties, Ring: Martin + Osa


  1. love the flare and the back pockets!

  2. You've been working out so hard that a pair of Hudsons is the perfect reward -
    I love David Kahn for premium denim and am anxiously awaiting their redesigned line this spring. I hope they kept their fit the same!

  3. Those jeans look great on you! Finding the perfect jeans is difficult, particularly when being curvy. I usually find that jeans that fit my thighs and bum, gape at the waist. Well, I haven't given up yet!

  4. they look great.

  5. First the jeans on you, they look great, the fit, color and cut, nice choice! Now a thank you, for showing the back pockets, I go nuts trying to figure out how jeans should fit in the rear, where the pockets should fit and your photos really help. I'm going to give those Paige you mentioned a try!

  6. Thanks for the comments! Lisa, the Paiges fit great, I can't wait to own a pair.
    Laura, I was given some David Kahns awhile back and I did like them. Which cuts do you prefer? The rise got strange after awhile but I'm sure that was a size issue more than anything.