Friday, March 25

it's (now) always sunny in austin

I love the sun. Except that it makes shadows. The time change is forcing me to figure out how and when to take pictures again. Ack!
So I'll just say that this post is for those of you still wearing boots, coats, and scraping ice and snow off your car every morning. To you.
I love this skirt. It's one of those things I have that I wear, wear, wear and then don't, don't, don't. It has its seasons I guess, and now is the time to shine.
I'm starting to love silk tops more and more. This one is just fab. One of those things I love the more I wear it. Knits have nothing on wovens, especially the silk variety. Believe you me, this summer I'll be wearing blousey tops vs. knit ones. Last summer I wore almost all knit and they all pilled and I felt frumpy. :(
There is something funny to me (it doesn't take much I guess) about pairing silk with corduroy. And 4" wedge metallic sandals with an almost rustic belt. I also love combining what seems like an entirely random pop of stark black and white print in my bracelet.
Our workout last night was baruuuuuutal. My upper body is still in such painful shock that I had to do the old "my arms still hurt" hair today. The trick is to shower the night before and go to sleep with wet hair with just a bit of conditioner and mousse in it, and wake up the next day and have it all done for you. It's a miracle!
See the trash in the next picture? Ugh. For some reason my yard collects a lot of garbage. The way it's situated, the wind blows it down the street and it "catches" in the little U shaped front yard I have. Also, the neighbor kids are a little careless. :(
Skirt: JCrew, Blouse: BCBG Max Azria, Cuff: JCrew, Shoes: Coach, Belt: Vince Camuto (new summer haul purchase!)


  1. I was going to toss my courduroy skirt, but after seeing your remix with a woven top and sandals, I may give it a try. Thanks for the idea! Do you dry clean your silks as the tag suggests or hand wash?

  2. Try it! This skirt was in my toss pile too, and then I saw it in Lucky with a crisp white button down and changed my mind.
    I wash my silks on gentle in the washing machine and then hang to dry.

  3. katy~*3:32 PM

    if you ever need a break from that skirt, send it my way for a season, then i'll return it when you're ready. ;-)


  4. I agree with you about woven tops vs knits (I am more of a collared shirt person rather than a blouse person though) I am veering more and more away from knits because they make me feel sloppy/ frumpy!

  5. Great color combo!

  6. Oh, and I wanted to add...r.e. the shadows. I like them, but if you want a more even look try using the flash on your camera (set it to forced on). That might even them out if they're not too strong.

  7. Katie3:24 PM

    This post is making me want to move from Wisconsin to Austin. And buy lots of wedges for this summer. I have 0 wearable sandals currently.