Saturday, March 26

i found jeans and we are living happily ever after

I finally found jeans, ladies. The Hudsons I tried were good, but not GREAT. On me. If I had a different figure I'd keep those in a heartbeat.
I believe I tried on about 20 pair of jeans in the past several weeks. Everything from 7FAM, to Citizens, to Hudson, to Joes, to Paige Premium and even my old standby Gap... And some were so close, but then I tried on....
 ....J Brand. These fit beautifully. Now I know where the bar should be set with jeans. I ended up purchasing two pair, one the Love Story cut and the other, Babe. The Lovestorys are getting hemmed, and these ones NEED to be, but I just couldn't wait to wear them. Pardon the rolled hem. Ahem. It was either these are my ill fitting too-big Gap jeans. Again.
What a relief! These fit almost more like leggings, and are very soft and even light weight. Perfect!
This jacket is another Spring haul purchase. I'm obsessed with jackets. So when I find ones that are light weight and as cute as this, well. You know what happens. ;)
Bryan and I should have a slower weekend (yay) which I'm looking forward to. The only plans I have specifically are to pick up my other jeans and another pair of pants from the tailor. I'm so excited to wear them! Sunday, hurry up!
But then slow down, of course.
Don't EVER roll your jeans like this. That is, unless you want to show off your cute shoes. :)
Jeans: J Brand "Babe", Blouse: Halogen, Jacket: Hinge, Watch: MK, Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target


  1. Ooooh! Too cute. You completely rock those shoes.

    Btw: have you tried Michael Kors or DKNY brand jeans? We may have different body types, but both of those are pretty solid for me when it comes to fitting and flattering.

  2. Thanks! I do have a pair of MK jeans that a friend swapped to me. I wore them last weekend with the animal print tee. Very comfy and figure flattering - just on the short side so they only work with my one pair of flats.

  3. Love the new jacket! And those shoes, I always forget about Target for shoes. Congrats on the new jeans, it was worth the hunt for a great pair. Angie would have an apoplexy for sure with those rolled hems. :)