Wednesday, March 9


Bryan and I consider ourselves lucky that we have the same taste in movies. One of our first dates we went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. We loved the effects in the movie and the 1940's era comic book feel. Of course I loved the fashion - who wouldn't? Sometime after we saw the film we were shoe shopping and Bryan spotted these and said "they look like they belong in Sky Captain!" They are a bit too big now, but I can't give them up. :)
If you've seen the movie, you will understand my blog post title for today.
I had another outfit planned but it included a new pair of shoes that were squeaking a bit, so I want to wear them around the house a little more before I make the commitment and step outdoors. I don't know why I have such an issue with commiting to purchases. I buy some things and they sit around for a month before I can decide what to do with them. Drives my poor husband crazy. :( I've found that it's best just to take them home, photograph them on in a complete outfit, and then make the initial decision right then and there. Tags off and everything.
Some things though, like this skirt, were love at first sight and it never spent time in a bag.
Bryan is in the big D today on business so I plan to start working in the closet. It's one of those projects I can't leave mid way through. It's hard to sleep with piles of clothes on the bed.
Does anyone else get inspired to do closet spring cleaning around this time of year?
Skirt: Halogen, Top: Express, Cami: Old Navy, Shoes: AK (DSW), Cardigan: JCrew, Bracelet: Target


  1. lawdiva10:37 AM

    You look wonderful! I recently joined Youlookfab and saw the link to your blog. Can I ask you how tall you are? That skirt looks great but I'm wondering if it would be too short on me. I'm 5'6 and like my skirts to hit at the knee.

  2. Thank you! I'm 5'6.75". :) Gotta get that last almost inch in there! I bet the skirt would fit you similarly, if not a tad longer. Are you looking at the chalet green shade that's currently in store?
    I did get this skirt in the lighter purple (in store only) and it fits identically to my version from last fall.
    Good luck!

  3. I've seen Sky Captain, but it's been long enough that I don't know what the reference is.

    As to spring cleaning of closets...I pretty much do that twice a year when I change out my clothes seasonally (fall/winter & spring/summer). If I didn't wear it at all during the last season (which I count as six months here since you can easily wear the same clothes for at least six months / two seasons), then it goes to Goodwill. It always feels good to purge. I already have several tops hanging in my closet now that I know will go in the give away bag as soon as I have time to change out my clothes.

  4. lawdiva1:28 PM

    Thanks Sarah. I really need to stop shopping but that skirt gets so many rave reviews, and you look really great in it.