Thursday, March 3

an early spring

Bryan and I had a conversation this morning about how tricky it is to dress for right now. It's getting up to the mid-70s here, but it isn't SPRING yet. How do you dress for warmer weather without looking like a wildflower patch?
What I do is try to ground my look with a darker neutral, such as black in this case. My skirt is as spring as it gets, but I toned it down with a black patterned top and heather gray cardigan, and anchored the entire look with a black belt.
Once it warms up this afternoon I'm sure I'll shed the cardigan, but I'll still have the black print and belt to keep me grounded. Let's not rush spring. I'm still bitter about the short winter. They say we will have one more week of freeze in March (because we always do here), so we'll see.
Today I have a haircut and I'm so happy. I love getting my hair cut. I've always said if I could only afford shopping or getting my hair done, I'd get my hair done. It's the accessory you wear every day, right?
This skirt was a must-have for me. You all know how much I adore my bronzed olive version from the fall 2010 collection, so once I was made aware of the spring version now available, I HAD to get one. My particular shade is only available in-store, but the pink and green are pretty (the green being brighter than my olive) and if you don't have basics, the black and gray would be a good purchase. This is the best fitting skirt I've ever owned. I'm tempted to get myself another shade or two, actually. It's a comfortable ponte knit, and the seaming couldn't be more flattering.
Skirt: Halogen, Blouse: Halogen (Fall 2010), Shoes: Franco Sarto (Marshalls), Cardigan: Gap, Ring: Martin + Osa, Belt: Ann Taylor


  1. You look beautiful! I love that purple skirt and it's perfect with the graphic sleeveless top.

    Hope you enjoy your hair cut! I love getting mine done too. :)

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  2. Very interesting point on how to ground spring colors with darker colors until the months catch up to the weather. I always liked the contrast of dark against soft ie black with pale pink, navy with baby blue etc. Great new pink skirt!