Friday, March 4

blonde root beer

I rarely do this anymore, but this morning I scrambled. I couldn't find any jeans to wear. These just don't stay on anymore, and these are just too short. I grabbed the jeans I'm wearing today out of my consignment/eBay pile just so I didn't go to work in my pajamas.
I must go jeans shopping this weekend.
Yesterday I got my hair did. I really like how it turned out. I found an inspiration photo, and by my next hair appointment it should look like that. In order to get the strong forward line I'd have to have lost about 3 more inches and I wasn't willing to do that.
So I feel a little frumpy dumpy in these jeans, but at least I have cute hair. And makeup, I like my makeup.
Let's talk makeup.
I'm using a similar formula that I mentioned here, but removing the Bobbi Brown metallic shimmer, and adding a darker shade on top of the Cork in the crease. It's NYX "Root Beer". Seriously a gorgeous shade. Check it out!
Speaking of eyes, you can see that mine are still a bit puffy. Stupid ant.
Top: JCrew, Cardigan: JCrew, Jeans: Goldsign, Shoes: Ann Klein, Watch: Michael Kors "Runway"


  1. Pretty hair color! The jeans aren't that bad, but I can certainly see a tighter fitting pair that show off the hard work with the bum a little more. All that working out, your jeans should show it off! Good luck jean shopping!

  2. Tiffany11:38 AM

    Love the hair color. =)