Wednesday, March 16

best laid plans

There is nothing like getting up the nerve to call your doctor to schedule a physical. There is nothing like the feelings you experience the day of your appointment. There is certainly nothing like getting a phone call from the doctor asking if you could post pone your appointment.
But at least today I can wear higher heels. :) The doctor's office has slick floors so I usually plan ahead and wear shorter options. I have to look on the bright side, right?
And now I'm off the hook for another week.
I'm pretty excited this time though, because I weigh considerably less than my last appointment.
Last night's workout was killer. I was in a fog for a bit afterwards. Tonight is a 5K and I'm curious to see how I do considering I haven't done any sort of run training since late October.
Today is awfully humid so I'm hoping that will lift before the workout tonight. I need just about every advantage I can get. O:)
Skirt: Halogen, Blouse: Gap, Cardigan: Gap, Shoes: Michael Kors, Watch: Michael Kors, Belt: Fossil, Ring (gift from hubs): Nordstrom

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  1. Your shins are looking a lot better since the new socks. Lovely new ring from hubs too.