Friday, March 18

70s sister

What do you get when you mix sequins and wide-leg denim with large floral prints?
What I'm wearing today, of course! ;) I missed the 70s by a few years, but I've always been intrigued by 70s fashion. I personally love a good wide or even flare leg, and platforms are my best friend. The 70s with a twist are back in full swing (because everything comes back more than once) so I'm having fun incorporating it as it fits with my style.
I bought these jeans on a whim several months ago (no, I don't do that anymore, I promsie!) and am glad they are working for me now.
I learned something new about denim. Always wash it BEFORE you hem. These jeans only worked with my 4.25" sandals and after a wash, they are working nicely with my more reasonable 3.5" sandals.
Who knew.
In other news, I think I'm about due for my annual pedicure. I never get manicures or pedicures, but I've decided that if one as hard on their feet as I am dare show them in public, a little work on them is a must. I absolutely love this nail polish shade. My sister found it (hey, Rach!) and now we're all hooked. It's Sephora's "Lost Without My GPS" (I know I mentioned it before). I also love the lavender shade by the same line called "Iris I Was Thinner". Such a gorgeous shade of super intense, yet creamy lavender. I want to eat it. But not really.
Blouse: Old Navy, Tank: Express, Jeans: 7FAM "Dojo", Sandals: Coach, Watch: Fossil, Ring: Martin + Osa
So not to brag or put a price on things, but my entire outfit - sans watch - was under $100. It can be done!


  1. I love this outfit, you look so pretty in blues. And creative layering too. I'm taking notes on this one.

  2. And just how did you get all those fab items for less than $100?
    (I'm a new follower from YLF)

  3. Thanks Lisa! Teri, I have this knack for finding bargains even when I'm not trying. The shoes were marked down to $19.99 (I was leaving the store and the sales person asked if I liked Coach and that she was getting ready to mark all Coach shoes down to $19.99!) the jeans were on a clearance rack with additional markdown stickers (Rack) and theo ther items were on lower budget store sale racks.
    Sometimes we just get lucky!