Tuesday, February 1

what i wore: under cover

Yesterday was in the 70s and right now it's only 32 with rumors of the 20s by tonight. Brr! The wind is just bananas...nearly 40mph. Needless to say, that called for indoor photos this morning. As well as warm clothes and boots. :)
I apologize for the photo quality. I still haven't found the ideal indoor spot for lighting.
Behind me you can see some of our recent changes to the house. I'll reveal more very soon, I promise! It all started with a new rug, which of course sparked the rest of the changes. Nothing was *wrong* with what we had before, it's just fun to get something more modern, clean, and most of all US.
My dad is coming to visit this weekend and I am so excited. I love having family visit. *hint, hint*
Sweater: Halogen, Pants: Gap, Cami: Old Navy, Boots: Dolce Vita, Watch: gifted


  1. That top is just stunning on you. The color is so pretty and the drapy-ness of it is so flattering. You look great!

  2. Lovely top!!! You hair is always fab!!