Tuesday, February 22

what i wore: to work out

You had to know it was only a matter of time, right? I mean, I work out six days a week, and unlike pre-Crossfit when I worked out alone and hardly put an effort into what I wore to do so, I actually have to *think* about workout wear now.
It isn't a fashion show by any means, but being in public means I can't get away with lazy.
Who am I kidding, I love it. ;)
I have definite preferences for workout wear, and some preferences are nothing but necessary. I dress for my workout depending on what I will actually be doing...just like my day time style.
Last night's workout of the day (or WOD in Crossfit speak) was a 1 mile run for time and a three rep max deadlifts. I did the same workout six weeks ago and was able to shave 10 seconds off my mile and add 50 pounds to my deadlifts. :D We participated in a new year's challenge so all of our workouts this week are to be compared to workouts we did six weeks ago. Should be interesting!
Lifting is more specific than running as far as what I need to wear. Shoes are the biggest criteria. Traditional running shoes have too much tread, which translates to an uneven foot surface. You start packing the weight on the bars and you'll notice that tread angle quickly. You can't hold your balance. And honestly, I've found I have less foot issues with running in this smaller, no tread shoe anyway.
When we first looked into CF I was confuzzled by the tall socks. I couldn't figure out why that was such a staple. Now I know. And if you look at my previous photos in skirts or dresses, you'll know too. O:) I'm happy to report that after my first tall sock wearing workout, I don't have huge nasty bruises on my shins!
Tank: Nike.com, Shorts: Nike outlet, Socks: www.skatersocks.com, Shoes: Saucony "Bullets"
PS: This is also my first no make-up post. My eeeeeeeyes! :D 


  1. Ran across this on FB... cute cute! Do you CF'ers ever wear leggings under shorts? I would imagine that would protect the shins like socks, but maybe too hot? Or just not the "look"? I like it for running outside. :)

  2. I personally haven't because it does get too hot. Even in the dead of winter (20 and 30 degrees for us) I'd just wear long pants and a t-shirt to work out in. And gloves. ;)

  3. Lovely! It looks like you are going to play football!!!

  4. Ah yes, the temp factor is *quite* different between us... it's regularly in the single digits and negative temps for our daytime highs here, so I'm always thinking WARMTH. :)

    I think the socks kinda make you look like a roller derby girl. ;)

  5. Did you say 6 days a week to work out! Wow, now that's dedication. And you are looking great for all that hard work too. Those socks, 100% make this outfit fun, fun, fun!