Friday, February 18

silver lining

It is very hard for me to take the time to blog today. It feels so trivial in light of a recent loss. A dear friend lost her husband and father to her young children, and the past day I've just been immersed in the situation and feeling so sad for the family and wanting so desperately to help and comfort in any way I can.
I realized after my two losses in recent months that life is about pushing forward. There is a cycle to life and we don't necessarily understand it all from down here.
If you can, take a moment to send prayers and thoughts to my friend and her family today. Thank you.
Bryan had a work dinner function and I went to the gym, but when he got home I felt so very lucky and told him so. I think this is just another gentle reminder to love what we have before we lose it.
Now that the weather is warming, my wardrobe "holes" are becoming more and more apparent. I really relied on those boots through the winter, didn't I?! Footwear is my nemesis. I love shoes, but flats are uncomfortable for the most part, but heels are so tricky. I hope to find some in between season shoes soon. I was hobbling around the grocery store today, and it wasn't pretty. I can wear any pair of shoes to work and back, but if I have to walk around and run errands, it's a whole different story.
What are your favorite shoes for work or play?
Top: Gap, Cardigan: JCrew, Trousers: Cynthia Steffe (these are actually denim, guys!), Shoes: Franco Sarto, Belt: JCrew


  1. Sarah, I did pray for your friend. Bless her heart, and bless yours, too.

    I love that almost monochromatic silver look.

  2. i like to wear kitten heel sandals or shoes. It's not a high heel so it gives you more freedom, and it also makes you (a little bit) high because it's not a flat so I can still feel sexy ;)


  3. Funny at first I thought you were wearing sneakers! Something about the way the shoe peeks out with the white and the size of the sole gave me that impression. For running around days in fall and winter I default to my favorite pair of cowboy boots. Generally the heels on cowboy boots run 1 1/2 inches which give me a little height but not as much as a pair of pumps. Or I stick with flats for errand running in the summer months, typically a sandal or ballet flat.

  4. Oh, that is sooo sad. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to my dear husband. Life is indeed short and precious.

    Shoes are tough, aren't they? I have all sort so problems, too, since I sometimes have to walk quite a bit for work. I like my oxfords and flat boots with pants, or my kitten-heeled, pointy-toed boots for boot-cut or wide-leg pants. With skirts I'm generally in ballet flats if I have to toddle around, but I take care to throw my super-feet inserts in any flat shoes. I've started to develop plantar fasciitis, so this has become really important.